efore he even finished high school, Greg Slaughter knew he would have a career in real estate. What he

didn’t know then, is that he would achieve success as a real estate investor alongside his future wife. Greg and Kim Slaughter have been operating a real estate invest - ing business almost as long as they have been married. They have been working together for 18 years, mar- ried for 23. “We are literally together 24/7,” Kim said. All the togetherness is working well for the Slaughters. The couple renewed their wedding vows two years ago and have built a real estate investing business that has not only helped them live well, but now they are shifting gears and touching thousands of lives by offering real estate investing education to aspir - ing investors. “I was never a teacher, but I am good at taking complicated infor - mation and making it very simple,” Greg said. “I have transitioned toward helping individuals. That’s my passion, my desire, my legacy,” he said. The term “legacy” has different meaning to Slaughter than what it might have for others. In 2000, the Slaughters experienced a devastat - ing loss when their daughter was stillborn. Their passion for helping others is rooted in her honor. “I don’t want to just leave a bunch of rentals behind. I want to honor my daughter Narissa by helping other people,” Greg said. One way he is doing that is through his online education pro - gram for entry-level real estate investors. The ups and downs that the Slaughters have experienced and learned from is what has fueled

18 | think realty magazine :: february 2021

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