fail. How many times do you see people do one thing very well for a short amount of time, then boom! The market changes and they are out of business? They didn’t adjust with the market,” he said. Another challenge in the industry is trouble with labor and contractors. Greg said most people run their business in a way that makes them dependent on the contractor. He does it differently. “I’ve worked with hundreds of con - tractors but can count on one finger a guy in 22 years that had the systems and processes in place to run an effective contracting business for the long term and that I would trust without following up. The way I think of hiring labor is like McDonald’s where teenager workers come and go. Have your systems in place and revolve the contractors in and out. Set it up like a role to fill the void so you are not dependent upon the contractor.” A LEGACY OF LEARNING Within Greg’s education system, he is offering an introductory level, an advanced level, and a program devoted to property management. His program on how to self-manage your rental prop- erties is already active and other edu - cational programs are coming soon. All can be found at He is offering online programs for entry-level investors in a step-by-step format for those who are getting into the industry for the first time. Slaughter’s simple, systematic approach has helped him build and rebuild a successful business, slay thousands of real estate deals, and guide others to achieve their own aspirations. Greg and Kim have navigated learning curves with grace and perseverance—and that is legacy in the making. •


In 2020, Greg Slaughter signed on to be one of Think Realty’s Resident Experts, real estate pros who have seen the ups and downs. After all, why learn the tough lessons on your own when Resident Experts can guide you to optimize your real estate investment strategy and avoid costly mistakes? Our growing team of experts has proven success across diverse areas of real estate, and all share a passion for helping others succeed. Greg Slaughter is the perfect fit for such role. Slaughter focuses on single-family strategies and helps everyone from novice investors with zero deals to those who are self-managing dozens of properties and everything in between. What can Think Realty members expect from this new Resident Expert? Valuable information— put simply. “My background is on systems and I am ‘known’ to make things simple,” Slaughter said. “So, I will be sharing what I have learned from my 20+ years of experience in more than 1,000 real estate transactions, what my systems are, and how I simplify things.” Slaughter added, “Being a Think Realty Resident Expert allows me the opportunity to help others across the country to achieve their dreams, which is what I am most passionate about.” Oftentimes, the simplest lessons are the ones that lead to the largest successes. Check out Slaughter’s courses on

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