Changing Lives with Technology


by Michael Zuber

s a Silicon Valley native who worked in the tech - nology industry for more than 25 years, I am used


distancing, and empower individuals to take positive steps forward. For all the negatives 2020 gave us, we learned that we can take a good punch yet keep moving forward. Thanks to technology, we had the ability to make pos - itive impacts even in the face of a once-in-a- lifetime event. It allowed us to walk through properties without being there via 3D imaging. It allowed us to open locks without the key. It allowed us to sign offers, counters, and escrow documents with our fingers via electronic sig - natures. We could attend real estate meetups via Zoom calls, and we could learn online via various teaching plat - forms. As someone who spends a few hours every day creat - ing content, answering questions, and looking for his next deal, I could not have been as productive in 2020 without technology and modern-day innovations. When you look

to being around the latest technology and innovations. Today, we work from home more often than at the office, and we can do deals from afar. This is all because of tech - nology. There is a valid argument that some technology has been the root of our social unrest as Artificial Intelligence (AI) continually feeds each of us a specific set of informa - tion. Thus, AI over time is deciding what you see and don’t see, which means we could miss certain things we need to see. Nonetheless, I believe technology makes our lives better and empowers us to do more with less each year. This was never truer than in 2020. Last year showed us how much technology and inno - vation could bring us together, socialize while social

58 | think realty magazine :: february 2021

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