5 Tips for Growing Your Leads List

NO. 4 Financial-Related Property Data

Data is available to identify proper - ties where the owners are tax delin - quent or near foreclosure. Often, these owners are anxious to sell and would be happy to have an offer made on their property. NO. 5 Attorneys Lawyers, particularly Probate Attorneys, have clients needing to sell homes quickly. You may be able to develop relationships with attor - neys so that when a client needs to sell a property, the attorneys refer them to you for assistance. In each of these cases, you can either spend time searching for and collecting leads on your own, or you can go to a reputable company to purchase these leads. We recom - mend purchasing the leads so that you can spend your time fielding calls and building relationships with your potential customers. In addition, once you have the leads, you will want to develop a continuous and multi-faceted mar - keting approach to reach out to your leads. This can seem overwhelming and like a lot of work for both those early in their careers and for those who are more experienced and have larger leads lists. However, there are companies designed specifically to assist you with growing and market- ing to your leads. • Go to to learn more about growing your business.


by Kristine Gentry, US Probate Leads

“How to I find property?” This is the number one question from real estate agents and real estate inves - tors. To find property, you should build a diverse leads list and con - tinually reach out to them. If you do not have a continuous supply of new leads coming to you, and you are not marketing to those leads, you are going to have a hard time being successful. Here are some great lead sources to grow your list: NO. 1 Probate Leads If you haven’t heard of probate leads, please do yourself a huge favor, and learn about them. They are a great and growing source of leads to find motivated seller. They are available for free at the county courthouse, but you may prefer to purchase leads and spend your time and energy making connections with those leads.

NO. 2 Additional Courthouse leads There are a variety of life changes that result in court actions and that can indicate the potential upcoming sale of property, including divorce, foreclosure, liens, and evictions. This data is available for free at the court - house, but you can also purchase this data. In some cases there are homes with absentee landlords. These include instances of aged homes with aged owners, code-violations, vacant lots, and vacant properties. When you find these, you may be able to get a hold of the property owner and make a quick purchase below market rates. This data can be purchased as well and often leads to finding motivated sellers. NO. 3 Absentee Landlord

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