don’t want. Let’s explore what that looks like in 2021.

you start driving is far more efficient. One specific data point can be very powerful in this strategy because it will drastically change your market - ing approach. Occupancy data. Is the proper - ty owner-occupied or owned by an investor? Does that investor live in the county, out of the county, or out of state? Does the investor own one or many properties? While driving your list, you’re looking for signs of distress like an overgrown lawn, overdue repairs, boarded windows, dead foilage, or tons of newspapers or trash in the front yard. Imagine sending a mailer with a picture to an owner occupant letting them know their front yard looks a mess, and the property is in serious need of TLC. Compare that to the reaction from an absentee land -

lord that lives 2,000 miles away with this message: “Hi Sandy, I’m a fellow landlord in Portland. I was driving on Smith Street yesterday, and I wanted to pass along that your tenant on 123 Smith Street is letting the grass die. The city is starting to get aggressive about ticketing for brown lawns. I’ve personally started including lawn care in my lease agreements because of it. I wanted to pass along my landscaper’s business card. He’s reasonable and dependable. I’m also on the market to buy one more rental this year. If you’re ever looking to sell, I don’t even mind buying with tenants in place. Here’s my number if you need any local resources.” Matching the message to the moment and the prospect is an entirely different ball game from a

STRATEGY #1 Driving for Dollars Covid may interrupt your

door-knocking game in 2021, but driving for dollars can be a great substitute. It doesn’t even need to be you doing the driving! This strategy is also perfect for investors with a full- time job but willing to spend extra time exploring opportunities on the way to the office or exploring on the weekends. If you’ve done your competitive analysis, you’ve honed your target inventory. Aimlessly driving through every block of your city is not the highest and best use of your time. Time is valuable, and gas is not free! Creating your list of prospects before

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