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FrostBite 5 Miler

Pregnancy Massage TheMassageTherapistsatKinetesisSpine&JointClinic have specialized pregnancy pillows and bolsters to help expectingmothers layontheirbellyorsidescomfortably. WhencombinedwiththetherapeuticbenefitsofMassage, thiscanhelpmothersdealwithpre-andpost-natalpains as their bodies experience the effects of pregnancy and childbirth. During pregnancy, the body experiencesmany changes, including postural adjustments, increased load on the pelvic floor, and stretching and thickening of the ligaments.Thesechangescancausebackpainandpelvic floor issues. Though there are many joys to Pregnancy, these are some of the more unpleasant parts. You don’t need to suffer before or after delivery. Contact Kinetesis Spine & Joint Clinic today to schedule an appointment for a Pregnancy Massage. We’ll create a plan to help you along your pregnancy. By including MassageTherapy inyourprenatalandpostnatalcare,you can be better prepared for one of the biggest challenges and joys inawoman’s life:deliveringandcaringforababy.

We were happy to set up a booth in February at the wonderful community event: FrostBite 5 Miler! This 5 mile run around Frist lake is an amazing opportunity to kick off your 1st run of the year! Funds raised from the run were donated to Becon House.

CrossFit Basinview

In March, Chiropractors Dr. Nick and Dr. Alex had the opportunity to represent Kinetesis at CrossFit Basinview!They were able to offer the CrossFit athletes complimentarydemostohelpthembeforeandaftertheir very challenging workouts.

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