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Wire Stripping

1. Strip wire to required length. (See Figure at right). When using hot wire stripping, do not wipe melted insulation material on wire strands; with mechanical strippers do not cut or nick strands. 2. See Table 1 for proper finished outside wire dimensions. 3. Twist strands together to form a firm bundle. 4. Insert stripped wire into contact applying slight pressure until wire insulation butts against wire well. Check inspection hole to see that wire strands are visible. If there are strayed wire strands, entire wire end should be re-twisted. When wire is stripped and properly installed into contact, the next step is to crimp the wire inside the contact by using the proper crimping tool.

Stripping Dimensions

Table 1

Wire Dimension (mm)** Min. Max.

Contact Size

12 16

2.464 1.651 1.016 0.635

4.115 2.769 1.956


Wire Size

A (mm)



.2.92 4.77 4.77 4.77

23 1.219 ** Min. diameters to insure moisture proof assembly; max. diameters to permit use of metal removal tools.


16 12


See table on preceding page for more information on crimp contacts, contact tools, and crimp tensile strength.

1. Insert stripped wire into contact crimp pot. Wire must be visible through inspection hole. 2. Using correct crimp tool and locator, cycle the tool once to be sure the indentors are open, insert contact and wire into locator. Squeeze tool handles firmly and completely to insure a proper crimp. The tool will not release unless the crimp indentors in the tool head have been fully actuated. 3. Release crimped contact and wire from tool. Be certain the wire is visible through inspection hole in contact.

Examples of M22520 Series Crimping Tools: Shown top: tool used for small size 23 contacts. Shown bottom: tool used for size 20, 16 contacts and has a positioner that can be dialed for each contact size.


Contact Crimping Instructions Watch our video

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