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1. First remove hardware from the plug and receptacle and slide the hardware over wires in proper sequence. Contact Insertion

3. Next align the tool and contact up to the properly identified cavity at rear of connector plug. Use firm, even pressure; do not use excessive pressure. It is recommended to start at the center cavity. Contact must be aligned with grommet hole and not inserted at an angle. Push forward until contact is felt to snap into position within insert.

2. Use proper plastic or metal insertion tool for corresponding contact. (Consult Insertion Tool table). Slide correct tool (with plastic tool use colored end) over wire insulation and slide forward until tool bottoms against rear contact shoulder.

Plastic tool with contact in proper position.

Note: All plastic tools are double-ended. The colored side is the insertion tool and the white side is the removal tool.

Metal tool with contact.

5. After all contacts are inserted, fill any empty cavities with wire sealing plugs. CAUTION : when inserting or removing contacts, do not spread or rotate tool tips.

6. Reassemble plug or receptacle hardware slide forward and tighten using connector pliers. Connector holding tools are recommended while tightening back accessories. When using strain relief, center wires at bar clamp. Slide clamp grommet into position and tighten clamp bar screws. When tightening screws, pressure should be applied in the same direction that clamp is threaded to rear threads of connector. When not using clamp grommet, build up wire bundle with vinyl tape so clamp bar will maintain pressure on wires.

4. Remove tool and pull back lightly on wire, making sure contact stays properly seated and isn’t dragged back with the tool. Repeat operation with remainder of contacts to be inserted, beginning with the center cavity and working outward in alternating rows.

1. Remove hardware from plug or receptacle and slide hardware back along wire bundle. Contact removal

3. Insert plastic or metal removal tool into contact cavity until tool tips enter rear grommet and come to a positive stop. Hold tool tip firmly against positive stop on contact shoulder. Grip wire and simultaneously remove tool and contact. (On occasion, it may be necessary to remove tool, rotate 90° and reinsert.)

2. Use proper plastic or metal removal tool for corresponding contact. Slide correct size tool over wire insulation.

< Removal of contacts with metal tool.

Use white end of plastic tool for contacts removal.

Contact Insertion Instructions Watch our video

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