SBE Internship Expo Program Fall 2022


MAJOR Business Administration HOMETOWN Grafton, Wis. ORGANIZATION ACI Industries Saukville, Wis. TITLE Operations Assistant

What I did: I helped set up and maximize efficiency of machine schedules to help keep customers and our company up to date on where projects were as they moved through the shop. I also helped work with new product launches and setting up operations paperwork for new customers. What I liked: I really enjoyed the people I worked with, as well as the ability to communicate and connect with a lot of different people throughout the company. In order to maintain and good schedule and flow of projects you have to interact with everyone that touches that piece, so being able to have a say in how fast we are moving products through was very cool. I also really enjoyed being able to see how a professional company interacts with its customers, especially when they make a mistake. Not only seeing the good side of business but also being able to learn from the negatives was very eye opening. Future Dream Job: Leaning towards an HR position where I can interact with people and use my people skills to leave a positive impact on others.



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