SBE Internship Expo Program Fall 2022

WELCOME! Since spring 2019, the Anderson Classroom to Career (C2C) Center has made possible for the School of Business and Economics to have its internship presentations in an expo format, where students who had internships talk to other students and faculty about their experiences, in a very engaging and interactive atmosphere.

Students who visit the expo also have the chance to network with employers in the area and hopefully establish connections for future internships or even full-time job opportunities. We have had students getting internship offers on the spot in the last two expos! We are excited to see everyone at our in-person event on Tuesday, Dec. 6. Students will have the chance to connect with interns and employers, learn about specific internships that were done this fall, and receive Pro Events credit. Here is a preview about our fall 2022 students and their internships.

I hope you enjoy the School of Business and Economics Internship Expo!

Prof. Ricardo Boeing, Ph.D. SBE Internship Director



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