SBE Internship Expo Program Fall 2022


MAJOR Business Administration

HOMETOWN Walworth, Wis. ORGANIZATION Conserv FS Woodstock, Ill. TITLE Service Center Administrator

What I did: My main role was service center admin., which means I was dealing with all billings, customer walk-ins, payments, bringing product into inventory, making sure invoices were paid, keeping inventory organized, and keeping track of variety and lot numbers on all seed. I was often sent on various missions, including: • dropping drivers off at trucks • running paperwork down to the fertilizer building • bringing applicators out to their machines • running food from seed reps out to drivers and applicators in fields • delivering merch to customers • delivering product/chemical to customers I really enjoyed this part as it helped me build stronger relationships with customers and co-workers What I liked: I really liked that I was able to learn new things and build many many new relationships. I enjoy the flexibility my supervisor gave me and is continuing to give me by sending me on different missions as well as letting me work on school whenever I have the time to. Future Dream Job: I currently do not have a dream job, nor have I ever, but I plan on staying at Conserv and either keep moving up and eventually move to the main office or take on a new role as operator or maybe even go into sales. I’m grateful enough to have seen all different paths that can be taken and what the results could be.



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