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The Best Kind of Thank You

O n the top of the bookshelf in my office, there sits a collection of thank-you cards. These are cards I’ve received from clients and I cherish each of them. Even after many years, I can’t seem to bring myself to discard them. Nothing makes me feel better about the work I do than reading a heartfelt, handwritten thank-you card from a client. Knowing that I (or more often, my staff) was instrumental in helping the client find a solution, bring closure to a difficult time in their lives, or simply bring them peace of mind because of our efforts really makes my day! Yes, I like earning a living, too, but the money received from fees doesn’t warm me up quite the same way. We all need money to live, but the gratitude of a client we helped keeps the fire stoked for me. But, I am sad to report these private thank-you cards are the relics of a day gone by and do little to promote the future health of our law firm. Today, reviews are the type of thank you businesses covet. They have become the holy grail for many businesses. In today’s internet marketplace, most people now look at reviews before they make any type of purchase. Want to go to a restaurant? Go to Yelp to see what other customers have to say about that new Mexican place on the corner. Thinking of buying a camera on Amazon? Check online to see what people are saying about both the camera and the seller’s return policy. Hurt in a car accident and need a personal injury lawyer? Go to Google or Avvo and see how many five-star ratings the lawyer has received. “Social proof,” as the theory has been coined, is any piece of evidence from consumers that verifies whatever it is the seller is selling. Whether it be a great camera, a mouthwatering burrito, or a “pit bull” lawyer, today’s consumers need social proof before they make a purchase. The digital marketplace has been great for consumers and a rude awakening for lazy and unscrupulous businesses. If you own a business and you’re lousy at what you do, you will be exposed, and you will die on the vine soon enough. However, it’s no longer enough to be great at what you do. Business owners in every field need to care about their clients, make great efforts to give them what they are expecting, and be agile enough to adapt their business practices to address problems as they arise. But if they want to thrive, they must have online visibility with social proof. Social Proof and the Future Health of Our Firm

At Spada Law Group, in addition to ensuring we are providing our clients with top-notch legal representation, we must also be mindful that potential future clients are searching online for lawyers who have social proof. We need to be visible online so these potential future clients can find us. To do that, we ask clients to take time out of their lives to leave us a review. This is a big ask, I know. People are busy, and they don’t want to carve out time to draft a review. We understand that, but we believe we have an obligation to ask and try. We are in the business of helping people stand up to large insurance companies when they are hurt in an accident and want to get compensation they deserve. We believe we are very good at helping people do this. So, isn’t it our obligation to make sure people know we exist? That we are good at what we do? I believe it is. That is why you probably have noticed we have more Google and Avvo reviews than we did last year. We didn’t just start being good lawyers; we just started asking clients to tell us what they think of us. It’s tough to face the scrutiny of clients, but it serves two very good purposes. First, it allows us to let other people know they can entrust us with their legal problems. This scrutiny also allows us to continue working on areas we may need improvement. It’s a win-win situation. A great review does much to benefit our firm and others seeking quality representation, but they will never replace the old fashioned, handwritten thank-you notes that touch my heart. Although we at Spada Law Group have plenty of five-star reviews we are proud of, I still value my handwritten thank-you cards because they are my private social proof that we did good work! We eased somebody’s burden, and that always makes me smile. -Len Spada

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