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Celebrating St. Paddy’s Day in Ireland vs. America From extravagant parades to green-dyed rivers, something about St. Patrick’s Day feels quintessentially American — despite its Irish heritage. That’s because many common St. Patrick’s Day traditions actually originated in America, evolving beyond their roots in the Emerald Isle in a few key ways. On March 17, Irish folks commemorate the death of St. Patrick, who brought Christianity to pagan Ireland during the late fourth and early fifth centuries. Historically, these religious origins make for a more somber observance of St. Patrick’s Day. Many Irish families go to church and eat a modest feast as the extent of their celebration. However, St. Patrick’s Day in America is not so much about venerating Ireland’s patron saint as it is about celebrating Irish heritage in a foreign land. When Catholic Irish immigrants first came to the United States, they faced persecution from a largely Protestant population. In response, Irish Americans began using March 17 as a day to publicly declare and celebrate Irish heritage with parades and demonstrations. The observation of St. Patrick’s Day grew in popularity in cities with large Irish populations, like Boston, New York, and Chicago. Then, in the booming post-World War II economy, various businesses aggressively marketed the holiday to Americans of all heritages. Thus, it became a day when anyone could celebrate Irish American heritage, or at least it gave everyone an excuse to drink like they believe the Irish do. Ironically, imbibing was not a part of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in Ireland until relatively recently. Due to the religious nature of the holiday, pubs and bars closed down on March 17 until 1961. Additionally, the traditional meal of corned beef and cabbage is another American addition. In Ireland, pork and cabbage was actually more common, but impoverished Irish immigrants substituted less expensive beef for pork, and the tradition stuck. Even though the most widely observed St. Patrick’s Day celebrations originated in America, many of them have found their way back to Ireland. Starting in 1996, the St. Patrick’s Day Festival in Dublin now attracts over 1 million attendees with all the drinks and revelry that Americans love. You’d be hard pressed to find a green beer, though. In the hallowed birthplace of Guinness and whiskey, some traditions may be better left across the pond. COMPLETELY DIFFERENT ROOTS

Zoom! Even if you have optimal oral health and perfectly straight teeth, without a white smile, you’ll find yourself smiling less and less. This is why so many people choose teeth whitening treatments. Teeth whitening is a safe and easy way to make your teeth sparkle. YOUR WAY TO A WHITER SMILE

The Causes of Discoloration

Even if someone regularly cares for their teeth, there’s no guarantee their teeth will remain white forever. Teeth gradually discolor over time for many reasons, and the following factors play a role in the color of your teeth:

• • • •

Tobacco use and smoking

• •

Certain foods


Dark drinks, including coffee, tea, and wine


Accidents, injuries, or trauma


The Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Having a bright smile that you’re proud of comes with significant benefits. When you whiten your teeth, your self-confidence improves, and you’ll find yourself smiling easier and more naturally without worrying about how your teeth appear. Smiling also has an impact on the people around you. The more you smile, the friendlier you’ll seem, and the more relaxed and happy people will be — you included! This can help you in professional settings, while you’re on a date, and even during an interview.

Using Zoom! for Best Results

Of the many whitening techniques out there, there’s nothing more efficient than the Zoom! professional whitening system, which is why we use it at Auburn Dental Center. This in-office treatment is safe to use and quick to act, with sessions lasting just under an hour. When coming into the office for your Zoom! treatment, here is what you can expect to take place. First, our team will clean your teeth and any plaque buildup along the gum line. Afterward, we will place a protective covering over the soft tissues of the mouth and apply the whitening gel to your teeth. Finally, we place the Zoom! device near the mouth, and a strong light activates the bleaching agent. You’ll leave with noticeably whiter teeth than when you came in!

Any of our patients who wish to have their teeth whitened should call our offices. Don’t hesitate when it comes to a bright white smile. Get yours today!

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