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MARCH 2020

Through Similar Scout Experiences

W hen I was a kid, I was excited to join the Boy Scouts. I enjoyed camping, fishing, and a lot of outdoor activities, so the Scouts fit my personality pretty well. The camaraderie between the kids and adults was always great too; no one ever felt left out, and everyone got along really well. What I enjoyed most was probably the Pinewood Derby I participated in as a Cub Scout. My dad could make some speedy, good- looking cars, and we always had fun doing that together.

We were also very lucky to have such an amazing Girl Scouts campus very close to us. Camp Catron was just about 25 minutes away from home, which made the commutes great for all of us; we were one of the lucky families. The girls loved the obstacle course and often couldn’t wait to go back to take another go at it.

While I don’t remember much of my time spent selling candy and popcorn door to door, I do remember hanging out with Brenna and

Claire as they sold their cookies. Around this time of year for several years, my wife and I would head out with them and help as they tried to sell as many cookies as they could. We would take them around to the neighbors and their school and set up tables in front of local stores. Of course, we’d buy a few boxes ourselves. All of us liked most of the cookies on the list, but we enjoyed Thin Mints the most. Even though it’s been several years since the girls were in the Scouts and even longer since I was, we still support the

Both of my girls, Brenna and Claire, were involved in the Girl Scouts when they were younger. As someone

who had been in the Scouts myself, it was really interesting to see the similarities between my experience and theirs. Although my wife was more involved with the girls’ sleepovers or amusement park visits, it was great to share the same interests and some stories about camping, collecting merit badges, and going door to door selling treats.


local troops whenever we can. Each year for Girl Scout Cookie season, we make sure to test our self-control and buy only a couple of boxes of Thin Mints at a time. The best part about my girls being in the Girl Scouts was sharing my own Scout experience with them. I’m happy we had the opportunity to enjoy something very similar while growing up. –Dr. Steven Schulte

There was one trip in particular where the girls learned a lot about the outdoors. I believe that was also the time when one of them ended

up with five wasp stings, but she was okay. She wasn’t very happy about it at the time, but I remember her telling me how much fun she had with that activity.


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