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Before I dive into today’s topic, I have to tell you something: I’m completely and totally excited for 2020. If you read last month’s newsletter, you already know that I set big, ambitious goals for this year, and you even got a bit of a preview on them. But to be honest, what’s in the works now is even more exciting than I realized last month. I won’t say much more yet, but in the next edition of this newsletter, I’ll dive into the initiative that has been my baby for the last six months: the Clinic Marketing System course. I think you’re going to love it. For now though, let’s jump into our regularly scheduled programming. I’ve worked in the LASIK field for more than a decade, and in that time, I’ve run dozens of webinars. Webinars often get a bad rap for being difficult and nerve-wracking to run or for not being worth a marketer’s time. But in my experience, those stereotypes couldn’t be further from the truth. Over the course of 18 months, one of my clients once registered a total of 1,213 people for six webinars. Those 1,213 leads became 649 consults and, eventually, 273 LASIK surgeries and 69 PRK surgeries. Not bad for a few hours of work up front. A webinar isn’t a place to cultivate leads. Rather, it’s an ideal tool to implement after you have your marketing set up, have a good amount of lead flow, and are looking to push those leads through the rest of the funnel. Webinars do three vital things that help convert leads to consults then patients: 1. They give leads a chance to learn more about the procedure and ask additional questions before buying in. 2. They offer your surgeon and clinic a chance to build trust and familiarity. (Spoiler: Your surgeon should be on the webinar.) 3. They create a relaxed, low-risk environment that makes leads feel comfortable posing concerns.

When you offer patients a well-crafted webinar designed to answer their questions, assuage their fears, and encourage them to take the next step in their journey, you’ll add value to your product in their minds, overcome their hidden objections, and condense their buying cycle. It’s that simple. What’s a bit less simple is the process of creating a webinar. Maybe that is what has been holding you back from running one. Or maybe, you’re worried you won’t know what to say or that no one will show up to hear the presentation you’ve created over. All of those fears are unfounded — particularly if you bring our team on to help you design and run your first foray into webinar marketing. In a first-time webinar, errors can be forgiven. Webinars embrace the human-to-human approach, so speaking to people in a real, conversational, unscripted, and even imperfect way can work to your advantage. At the end of the day, there are four things you need to do in order to have a successful webinar: get people to register, get people to show up, put together and run a great show with a limited time offer at the end, and follow up with attendees afterward. My team and I are experts at all four of these steps, and we can guide you through the process from start to finish. We even have a precreated webinar system that has proven successful for dozens of our clients and acts as their secret weapon for lead conversion. Call 206-437- 0529 today to learn more and put the power of webinars to work for you. With this tool in your back pocket, you’ll be set to make your 2020 as exciting, game-changing, and invigorating as mine. Join me now and hit the ground running!

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“I’ve worked in the LASIK field for more than a decade, and in that time, I’ve run dozens —maybe hundreds! — of webinars.”

– Michael King



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powerful asset. They can do a lot of your marketing for you through social media and other word-of-mouth channels, convincing others that your business exists and has value. But how do you get to that point? How do you develop a strong bond with your customers that is hard to break and will keep them coming back time and time again?

customer interactions, your response to problems, your response time , and your approachability on social media. Look to businesses that have figured out how to do customer service right, like Apple, LEGO, and other beloved businesses in your community. Consider what you can incorporate into your own customer service experience or become a customer yourself and see just how far other businesses are willing to go for you. Another way you can win loyal customers is just by being present. One way to do that is by answering phone calls, emails, and online inquiries immediately . The more time you put between the initial customer contact and your response, the worse it looks for you. When people visit your business in person, be there to offer a hello, answer questions, and engage in casual conversation. When you’re there for your customers, your customers want to be there for you.

amount can have a huge impact on your revenue. A study conducted by Bain & Company and reported by the Harvard Business Review found that even a 5% increase in retention can boost revenue by 25%–95%. In short, your ability to retain the right customers can make or break your business. Businesses are constantly searching for ways to achieve customer loyalty. After all, it’s far more

It really starts with stellar customer service. Poor customer

cost-effective to keep the same customers coming back to you than it is to constantly go after new ones. Marketing to new customers can cost up to 25 times more than simply catering to your existing customer base.

service is the No. 1 cause of customer

loss. Upward of 71% of people say they cut ties with businesses over poor customer service.

Loyal customers who love your business are an incredibly

Customer service includes your employee-


If you want to know what your competition is up to, a simple Google search won’t cut it. Here’s why: Google knows what you want to see. Because it has your past search history, Google modifies your search results when you look up your competitors, making it impossible to know where you stand from a customer perspective. That said, the information you’re looking for is out there. There are tools that will show you exactly what a customer sees when Googling your industry and provide you the exact ads your competition is running. With that information, you can co-opt their most successful strategies for your own marketing campaign. You just have to know where to look. Here at LASIK Marketing Agency, we know those back doors, and we’re ready to share our secrets. Here are two resources you should take advantage of. BRIGHTLOCAL.COM This is the place to go if you want to pull back the Google curtain. Using BrightLocal, you can change your location on Google

before you enter in your search terms, effectively making yourself into just another citizen of your chosen market. This lets you see through the lens of potential patients and research what people in your industry are doing in other markets. If you want to check out the ads the top LASIK clinic in Chicago is running, you can do it with a click. THE FACEBOOK AD LIBRARY Did you know that Facebook offers a free, searchable library of the ads running on its platforms? Pull up this tool by Googling “Facebook Ad Library” and clicking on the first link that appears. Once you’re in, simply type in the name of any practice you’re curious about (competition in your area, the country’s largest LASIK clinic, etc.) and their Facebook ads will pop up. You can spend the time and money to use these tools yourself, or you can use the work we’ve already done for you. Our team has compiled two, 100-plus-pages documents packed with data on the top LASIK practices in every major market in the U.S., including ad copy, landing pages, and more. Go to to download those free resources today.


For a few years now, LASIK Marketing Agency has partnered with Qualix Media, a freelance operation run by project manager and digital marketing strategist Cristina Samoila. It’s been a fruitful partnership, and it got its start in an unexpected place: a Facebook group for digital marketers. Cristina posted on the platform sharing her skills and soliciting mentorship opportunities. Michael wrote back, and they’ve had synergy ever since. Qualix is based in Bucharest, Romania, but that didn’t stop Cristina from coming on board six months ago as LASIK’s Director of Operations. Before that, she’d assisted with customer service project management. Now, she works remotely to keep our team on task and streamline our marketing process. “I’ve ended up wearing many hats,” Cristina says. “I work directly with Michael, and being part of a small team, you end up having to do little bits of everything. The main thing I do is organize our work. I do a lot of project management and have helped bring efficiency to our operations. I also work in graphic design and have helped design a lot of work for our clients and our own marketing efforts.” PARTNER SPOTLIGHT: QUALIX MEDIA MEET OUR BRILLIANT DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS “I’ve been involved right from the very start, strategically developing the outline for the course, deciding what Michael will be teaching, and planning the content,” she says. “I’ve also done all of the graphic design work and a lot of the project management involved in launching the project operationally.” Cristina is largely self-taught and has spent the five years since launching Qualix Media growing her expertise with mentorship, coursework, and continuing education. She considers Michael to be a mentor and a friend and says her favorite part of the work she does is seeing results for LASIK’s clients. Cristina has been instrumental in the lead up to the launch of our new initiative, the Clinic Marketing System Course.


“It really helped me see where I’ve made a difference, and that’s what motivates me — being able to see the progress I’ve made,” she says.

To learn more about what Qualix Media has to offer, email Cristina at



3620 40th Street Court NW Gig Harbor, WA 98335




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Partner Spotlight: Qualix Media Important Tech Trends for Small Businesses to Keep Up With


The line between technologies that are beneficial for large businesses and those beneficial for small businesses continues to blur. While the latest software programs were once only available to large companies that could afford them, some of these programs have also become available and profitable for small businesses to use. In an age of increasing connectivity, these are a few tech trends that small businesses should watch out for. COLLABORATION WITH ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE While it certainly shouldn’t replace every customer interaction, using AI software programs for small tasks — like email marketing, data entry, accounting, and some low-stress forms of customer service — is invaluable to small businesses. Delegating menial tasks to AI can free up time for you to focus on those more important face-to-face interactions with your customers. INCREASED USE OF DATA ANALYTICS “Big data” is intimidating. For years, sifting through customer data and extracting valuable information that can be used to grow businesses was something

that only the largest companies had the time, funds, and expertise to do. However, more programs that reduce the upfront investment and expertise necessary to contextualize customer data are popping up. If you can make use of your customers’ data, you can give them an experience with your business that they won’t find many other places. CONTINUED RELIANCE ON SOCIAL MEDIA Social media marketing remains an effective tool for attracting customers to your small business, even if the tools continue to change. While marketing on Facebook and Instagram might seem like old news, marketing on trendier apps, like TikTok, Pinterest, or Snapchat, can still work to your business’s benefit. A recent study showed that 45% of consumers head to social media when they have a question about something — are you going to be there to answer it? Keeping up with the latest and greatest tech trends in small-business management can be exhausting, but in an age where technological advancement is accelerating faster than ever, it’s necessary for the survival of businesses of all shapes and sizes.


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