Aubaine de la semaine TUCSON GL 2008

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Eric Desabrais and Vanessa Lessard will


Venez vivre un service inoubliable chez Kia Grenville.

Dubois at a concert February 27 from 2:30

p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Centre culturel Le

Chenail, 393WilliamSt., Hawkesbury. For

Heures d’ouverture : lundi au vendredi, de 9 h à 20 h samedi, de 10 h à 15 h

45, rue Maple, Grenville 1 866 974-0321

more information on the show, which is

part of the Série

Bistro Series featuring

local talent, e-mail or

call (613) 632-9555.

Now in Hawkesbury Hear the Conversation and not the Commotion. Imagine TM VS Introducing Vivid Speech , a solution designed to address the biggest problem hearing aid wearers have had to date - hearing comfortably in noisy situations.

Twice Upon A Garden


Hill, presents the documentary “Twice

Upon a Garden” Saturday, February 19, at


world-renowned Reford Gardens in the


the Gardens and her great-grandson,


to life. At the same time, “Twice Upon a


the nature of art.

Filmmaker Philippe Baulaucq followed

Photo Richard Mahoney

the gardens for two years, capturing their

Awinter carnival is one of theways to beat

beauty over all four seasons and observing

those late winter blues. At the recent

the artisans of the gardens and designers of

Dunvegan event, snow volleyball was one

the International garden Festival as they toil

of the many attractions.

to bring the gardens to life.


The most advance, innovative noise reduction system and speech preservation system ever invented.

Besoin d’aide pour améliorer tes compétences? Tu peux le faire à ton propre rythme et en ligne, dans un centre de formation dans ta région ou dans le confort de ton foyer. Quelques exemples de formation disponible sont : t Programme de formation préparatoire à l’emploi, phase 1 t Programme de base en nutrition t Communication écrite : t-FGSBOÎBJTBVUSBWBJM t-FGSBOÎBJTEFUPVTMFTKPVST t-FGSBOÎBJTQSÏQBSBUPJSFBVYÏUVEFTTFDPOEBJSFTFUQPTUTFDPOEBJSFT

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éduclic Ontario est géré par CAF+

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,œLˆ>À` i>Àˆ˜} i˜ÌÀiÅ>Ûi «ÀœÛˆ`i` "ÌÌ>Ü> ÀiÈ`i˜Ìà ܈̅VÕÌ̈˜} i`}i ÌiV…˜œœ}Þ Ãˆ˜Vi £™xn° Ì ÜœÕ` Li œÕÀ «ÀˆÛˆi}i ̜…i« ÞœÕ V…œœÃi ̅i Àˆ}…Ì…i>Àˆ˜} ˆ˜ÃÌÀՓi˜Ìà vœÀ ޜÕÀ «iÀܘ> ˜ii`ð *i>Ãi vii vÀii ̜ LÀˆ˜} > vÀˆi˜` œÀ v>“ˆÞ “i“LiÀ ܈̅ޜհ 7 - 1,9 £‡nää‡{™ä‡xÎÈx "//7 -/ £™n VÀ̅ÕÀ Ûi˜Õi Ç{x‡xә™ "//7 7 -/ £x£ œ>˜` Ûi˜Õi Çә‡£{ä{ HAWKESBURY 1-800-490-5365 BROCKVILLE 1-800-267-1571 RENFREW 1-800-267-1571 ," 6 £‡nää‡ÓÈLJ£xÇ£ , , 7 £‡nää‡ÓÈLJ£xÇ£

(Centre d’apprentissage et de formation + de Cornwall)


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