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March Madness

March Madness, St. Patty’s Day and more! We all have a wee bit of Irish in us this month. I am so ready for some spring weather and I hope you are too! We are still having our workshops and would love to see you, your family, and friends at our many workshops. Unfortunately, we have been in court lately with families and couples that have failed to plan. Particularly, if you are not married and have a life partner, you must plan to protect your assets and your life partner. If you don’t, the State of California will have a plan for you that you might not like! Make sure your family has peace of mind and your estate planning is done correctly. This protects your life partners or any other family members that you would like your assets to pass to. Come to one of our workshops and learn how to properly plan to protect those you love.

WHY THE MILITARY JUST GOT MORE MINDFUL The Benefits of Mindfulness These days, the term mindfulness is more likely to conjure thoughts of smartphone apps than rooms wafting with nag-champa. Business guru Tim Ferris and journalist Dan Rather profess an almost cult-like devotion to the practice, and multinationals like Goldman Sachs, Google, and Bank of America all offer mindfulness training to their employees. Recently, another large organization has jumped on the bandwagon: the United States military. So, what’s all the fuss about? For years, mindfulness devotees professed that cultivating it as a practice could alleviate the symptoms of everything from high blood pressure to anxiety. Historically though, critics were dismissive, claiming studies on mindfulness weren’t rigorous enough because they didn’t include a placebo. Unlike participants in traditional studies, where half the group believes they are being treated but are only taking the equivalent of a sugar pill, participants in meditation studies usually know whether or not they are meditating.

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One researcher changed that in 2016. Neuroscientist Dr. Amishi Jha conducted a study where students at the University of Miami were split into two groups and then put through a series of

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