design and a streamlined user experience. Make it easy for your potential clients to search for properties no matter where they are. Ensure your contact information is obvious, so they can reach you through your mobile site. 3  PRE-QUALIFY LEADS VIA SMS TEXT In marketing, it’s widely accepted that it takes an average of eight touchpoints to close a sale. Although this varies by industry, real estate agents can use this statistic to ensure they’re reaching their audience in different ways and providing the information necessary for them to make a purchase decision. Consider text messaging. This solution puts you in quick communication with your audience and delivers your message in a way that almost can’t be ignored. Your SMS messages can let potential clients know about a new property about to hit the market, gauge their interest in listing their home with you, connect them with other services you offer, and keep your agency top-of-mind, without spending a lot of time and money. 4  GO HIGH-TECH TODAY, NOT LATER Home buyers are increasingly connected via their smartphones, so shifting to mobile marketing is an affordable way to reach potential clients. Younger generations are approaching the time of life in which they’ll be purchasing real estate, and millennials are trading up their starter homes for something that better suits their needs. So, it’s time to start implementing tech-savvy methods to reach these populations and secure your sales success. 5  STRETCH YOUR MARKETING BUDGET Traditional marketing solutions (i.e., print, direct mail, and television

commercials) can be expensive. Digital marketing costs a fraction of the traditional media price to reach the audience you want. Besides being more affordable, digital marketing solutions (i.e., search engine marketing, paid search and social ads, and retargeting display ads) also provide rich data that is useful for tweaking campaigns to maximize your reach. In short, you’ll be able to clearly analyze your return on investment when you opt for digital marketing. Consider digital tactics like social media ads and management, paid search ads, search engine optimization, online reputation management, and streaming video

ads to saturate your target audience with your message. 6 PARTNER WITH THE PROS Ad agencies that specialize in digital tactics can help you achieve measurable business outcomes through meaningful marketing strategies and data analysis. Partnering with a data-driven boutique agency can help you reach your business goals. •

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