Stand-Alone Clocks

AllSet ® Auto Daylight Saving Clocks This movement features a microchip that keeps track of the current date and time. The microchip is programmed to make U.S. daylight saving time (DST) changes twice per year. On the spring and fall DST dates, at 2:00 am CST, the clock hands will fast forward until the correct time is reached. The user can toggle ON/OFF the automatic DST change. Available with 3AA battery holder or electric AC adapter. Silent Wall Clocks These cost-efficient clocks set the bar in reliability and elegance. Get high-quality quartz precision and a continuous, silent sweep motion. These battery-operated, stand-alone clocks are easy to install and their quality construction is backed by a 3-year warranty. Available in single battery or with battery booster pack, which eliminates battery changes for up to 5 years*. Atomic Clocks These radio-controlled clocks use a battery movement with a miniaturized radio receiver. The antenna picks up a signal from the NIST atomic clock in Fort Collins, CO, and adjusts several times a day. The NIST atomic clock is accurate to within one second in a million years. With good reception, atomic clocks can give you worry-free, accurate time at an economical price. Available in single battery or with battery booster pack.


Movements for Analog Clocks

Custom logo dial in steel case, Dial Style 89

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