American Time 2024 Mid-Year Catalog

The AllSet quartz clock movement features a microchip with an internal battery that keeps track of the current date and time. On the spring and fall DST dates, at 2:00 am Central Time, the clock hands will fast forward until the correct time is reached. Note: Time must be manually set at startup and after replacing the batteries. The internal calendar is used only for daylight saving time changes. • Automatically adjusts for DST changes • No signals or antennas required • Various sizes from 8" to 24" AllSet Auto Daylight Saving Clocks 3 Case Options PLASTIC Impact-resistant molded plastic available in black, white or brown with shatter-resistant polycarbonate lens. ALUMINUM Brushed aluminum shell over molded plastic base with shatter-resistant polycarbonate lens. STEEL Durable steel available in black or gray with convex glass (12" round) or clear acrylic (12" square or 15") crystal. WOOD Real wood frame available in Light Oak or Mahogany finish with shatter-resistant polycarbonate lens.


Protective Clock Guards Protect clocks in high traffic areas with wire guards available in sizes to cover up to 24" clocks. • Made of zinc plated, heavy-gauge rod • Hexagonal guards hinged for quick maintenance access See page 131 for details.

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