Replacement Clocks for Standard CR or GRC Series


Steel-Case Dial Style 04

Save Money with AllSync Plus! Clocks with AllSync Plus technology are the perfect replacement for your Standard Electric CR or GRC Series clocks. It is the first clock of its kind capable of automatically reading the correction signal for your system. Their reduced power usage means you can run up to five times as many clocks as mechanical movements with no additional boosters to install and maintain. • Easy plug-and-play installation • Accurate to ±1 second of the master

Flush Mount Hanger

• Uses up to 80% less energy – run five times as many clocks without adding additional boosters (24VAC) • Includes complete Molex® connector for easy installation • LED indicator for improved diagnostics • 15 minutes of continued operation during power outages

Replacement for STANDARD Programmers Timers

Do any of these look familiar? If you are struggling with dated equipment used for programming your schedule, our AllSync IQ system controller can take the place of any of these and more. See how much easier event scheduling can be with web-based Remote Connect and synchronize with the wired clocks in your facility. See page 40 for more information.

FYI – Synchronous Wired Correction Protocol for Standard Electric CR & GRC 109106-109155, J109106-J109155 and 105047-105066 120VAC or 24VAC applied to the run motor will cause normal operation. A 15 minute correction signal on the correction motor line will cause a 12-hour correction from 5:12:00 to 5:28:00. This will occur twice daily (AM and PM). Run motor power is connected during the 12-hour correction. A 29 second signal is applied to the correction motor line from XX:59:30 to XX:59:59 to cause hourly corrections. During hourly corrections, power is disconnected from the run motor line.

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