Replacements for Standard Electric CR or GRC Series

Steel-case with glass or shatter-resistant poly crystal Description Original #

120VAC Model

Original # J109106 J109114 J109107

24VAC Model



10" Round Flush 12" Round Surface 12" Round Flush

J109130 J109136 J109131

U45BHGA804-JU24 U54BHGA404-JU24 U55BHGA804-JU24 U53BHGA204-JU24 U52BHGA204-JU24 U57BGGA404-JU24 U58BGGA804-JU24 U51BGGA204-JU24 U50BGGA204-JU24 U64BGGA404-JU24 U65BGGA804-JU24 U63BGGA204-JU24 U62BGGA204-JU24

U45BHHA804-JU24 $199.95 U54BHHA404-JU24 $199.95 U55BHHA804-JU24 $199.95 U53BHHA204-JU24 $499.95 U52BHHA204-JU24 $499.95 U57BGHA404-JU24 $213.95 U58BGHA804-JU24 $213.95 U51BGHA204-JU24 $539.95 U50BGHA204-JU24 $539.95 U64BGHA404-JU24 $232.95 U65BGHA804-JU24 $232.95 U63BGHA204-JU24 $564.95 U62BGHA204-JU24 $564.95

12" Round Double Dial Wall 12" Round Double Dial Ceiling

12" Square Surface 12" Square Flush

J109146 J109141

J109121 J109117

12" Square Double Dial Wall 12" Square Double Dial Ceiling

J109115 J109109

15" Round Surface 15" Round Flush

J109138 J109133

15" Round Double Dial Wall 15" Round Double Dial Ceiling

Order Notes: If running 24VAC clocks, a step-down transformer is necessary. See page 41.

AllSync Plus Plastic Case Clocks – An economical option for the Standard Electric original models on this page.

Description 10" Surface 10" Flush 12" Surface 12" Flush

120VAC Model

24VAC Model


U44BAGA304-JU24 U44BAHA304-JU24 $190.95 U45BAGA504-JU24 U45BAHA504-JU24 $190.95 U54BAGA304-JU24 U54BAHA304-JU24 $190.95 U55BAGA504-JU24 U55BAHA504-JU24 $190.95

12" Double Dial Wall U53BAGA204-JU24 U53BAHA204-JU24 $465.95 12" Double Dial Ceiling U52BAGA204-JU24 U52BAHA204-JU24 $465.95 15" Surface U64BAGA304-JU24 U64BAHA304-JU24 $219.95 15" Flush U65BAGA504-JU24 U65BAHA504-JU24 $219.95 Notes: AllSync Plus molded plastic case surface clocks include a security bracket.

Molded Case, Dial Style 04

"We have had great success replacing all our different manufacturers' clocks using your AllSync Plus Clocks." —MICK GERARD, LAKE ELSINORE SCHOOL DISTRICT Our Customers Say It Best

Doing Repairs? Find parts for Standard Electric original equipment on page 53.

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