American Time 2024 Mid-Year Catalog

Rack Mountable Digital Master Clocks


MC4181LV 19"w × 3½"h × 9"d

MC models are available with up to 8 relay outputs. Two are reserved for controlling secondary clocks, leaving two or six relays for ringing bells or controlling other loads. If you are not correcting clocks, all relays are available for timed events. • Alpha-numeric display and autoprompt programming • Controls most secondary clocks • Up to eight relay outputs each individually programmable • Up to ten, seven-day plans • Up to 100 events/day — 700 events/week for each plan • 20 annual plans for scheduling the seven day plans • Programmable momentary outputs from 1-9 seconds • AC line synchronous or battery crystal time base • Automatic daylight saving time and leap year adjustment • Available in 3 1 ⁄ 2 " rack mount or wall mount enclosures SPECIFICATIONS: Input Voltage: 120VAC, 60Hz, 10W Output Relays: SPDT rated at 15amp at 48VAC or 30VDC resistive load Time Base: AC line synchronous Backup System: Non-volatile memory — indefinite backup of time and programs This kit was specifically designed to convert existing Simplex® 2350 and 6400 Master enclosures to house a SiteSync IQ system controller (sold separately, see previous page). Construction: 18-gauge steel Finish: Powder coated gray Size: Shelf: 5¹⁄₁₆"h x 23½"w x 6⁵⁄16 "d Cover: 12"h x 23½"w H004233-JU24 $116.95

MC41LV 8"h × 413/16"w × 113/16"d Panel⁄Wall Mount

RACK MOUNT MODELS MC4181LV-JU24 8 circuit $1,977.95 PANEL/WALL MOUNT MODELS MC41LV-JU24* 4 circuit $853.95 *Includes connector wiring harness


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