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System Accessories

POWER SUPPLIES AND BOOSTERS These Power Supplies (step-down transformer) and Power Boosters operate from 120VAC, are dual-fused (input/output), and are able to generate two different voltage level outputs–24VAC and 24VDC at 6 amps. Includes an internal On/Off switch. NEMA 1 enclosure.


Power Supply 8¼"h × 8¼"w × 4¼"d

Power Booster 8¼"h × 8¼"w × 4¼"d

Power Plus Fuse Box 8"h × 6"w × 4"d

Enclosure: • Meets UL 59 Type 1, IEC 529, IP30 standards • NEMA 1 Steel; 16 gauge • Ground screw Fuse Holder:

Power Supply YPS6-24-JU24 Power Booster YPB6-24AC-JU24

Power Supply 24VAC and 24VDC, 6A


24VAC, 3-wire sync booster (5A output) 24VDC, 3-wire impulse booster, 6A

$299.95 $356.95

YPB6-24DC-3W-JU24 Power Plus Fuse Box H000061-JU24

• Nine fuse capacity • 300 volts maximum • 30 amp max. fuse capability • Fuse size: 1 ⁄ 4 " diameter, 1 1 ⁄ 4 " long

Protects against power surges and short circuits $254.95

Resistor Packs H001941-JU24 H005254-JU24

120VAC Resistor Pack with relay 24VAC Resistor Pack with relay


$83.95 Note: Resistor Packs are used to reduce stray voltage on clock circuits when they are not energized.

3-Wire Synchronous Wiring Diagram

System Controller


Resistor Pack 120VAC or 24VAC (anywhere on circuit)


Power Supply 120VAC or 24VAC



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