American Time 2024 Mid-Year Catalog

Signal Programmers Single Circuit Signal Programmers

These programmers provide an easy to install, plug-and-play solution for small schools and factories. No wiring required! • 24VAC systems • Single circuit, single schedule • Will sound up to 30 times per day • Programmable daylight saving time adjustment • Automatic leap year adjustment Complete system package includes: AP21-BH1 (not expandable) • 1-4" 24VAC extra loud buzzer (100 dB @ 10') pre-wired with 90' cable • 1-Power cord • 1-120VAC to 12VAC power module • 2 lockbox keys AP21-BP1 • 1-6"-24VAC vibrating indoor bell • 1-Power cord • 1-15' cable for bell • 1-120VAC to 12VAC power module • 2 lockbox keys




Model No.



AP21-BH1-JU24 Programmer mounted in key lock box AP21-BP1-JU24 Programmer mounted in key lock box F-4436-24A1-JU24 Bell Assembly: 6", 24VAC bell and 100' of cable

$1,152.95 $759.95 $254.95

Note: Must be located within 100' of the programmer.

AUDIO GENERATOR Works with your existing intercom system Create your own MP3 files to play music, your school anthem, or custom tones not available on standard tone generators. Designed for replaying installed tones through a PA or audio amplifier system. Specifications • Power: 120VAC 60Hz 10W • Dimensions: 6"h × 6"w × 11⁄2"d • Sound File Type: MP3 compatibility

H004500C-JU24 $722.95 with USB flash drive

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