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EverAlert – Communication System Dynamic Display Power / Accessories

Power Options for Dynamic Display The default power option for both the Dynamic Display and the Dynamic View is a standard 120V power supply. We offer two options for added flexibility and reliability. 30W PoE+

For facilities operating PoE+ infrastructure, easily connect EverAlert Dynamic Displays via Cat 5e (or better) cable to provide data connectivity and power. One adapter does it all, so you don't have to locate your devices next to 120V outlets or connect to Wi-Fi. It also means that your Dynamic Displays will have the same power/data backup functionality as the rest of your wired network. BATTERY BACKUP Using the newest lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery backup technology, the Battery Backup provides a minimum of 30 minutes emergency power to the EverAlert Dynamic Display. Ensure your critical communication devices remain active during an emergency that is accompanied by a loss of power.


EAPOEKIT Kit comes complete with all necessary connection cables and fits with mounting brackets listed below.

EABATKIT Kit comes complete with all necessary connection cables and mounting bracket.


Dynamic Display with G24167 protective guard

55" TV shown with G56349 protective guard


Display Accessories Model #



EASMB-JU24 EAFMB-JU24 G24167-JU24 G56349-JU24

Surface mount bracket – with tilt feature and power supply holder

$70.95 $101.95 $223.95 $599.95

Flush mount bracket – with plate to cover backbox, tilt feature and power supply holder

Protective guard for EverAlert Dynamic Display

55" TV guard with clear polycarbonate face and black steel frame

67 ▪


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