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Live Communication LIVE AUDIO PAGING


What if implementing live audio communications technology throughout your facility didn’t require installing a complicated intercom or paging system? • Page to individual and user-defined groups of EverAlert devices • No paging controllers, amplifiers, speakers, or wiring required • All-call paging capability • One low-cost annual subscription fee Extend notifications through a network of EverAlert displays connected to your existing IP phone system. Deliver live voice communication with an all-call announcement or page directly to any location in your building.


Fri, Sep 02, 2022 79˚F PM

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System Diagram

EverAlert Live uses two different technologies to page through EverAlert devices: session initiated protocol (SIP) and multicast. The diagram to the right outlines a system using both SIP for one-to- one paging and a multicast server for grouped and all-call paging.

1 2 3 4 5 Individual SIP extension

EverAlert ®

EverAlert ®

EverAlert ®

Individual SIP extension to Multicast server

EverAlert ®

EverAlert ®

Multicast server

IP Voice Paging Adapter H005247-JU24 $449.95

Multicast extension calls group of EverAlert devices

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