American Time 2024 Mid-Year Catalog

inCloud Management Portal Wi-Fi Clocks

The inCloud Management Portal is a fast and intuitive tool for setting up, monitoring and managing American Time network products. Get your devices up and running more quickly, efficiently manage their status and easily make changes.

Manage Wi-Fi devices easily and from any location


• Monitor clocks for battery life and network connection

• Schedule, manage and trigger Wi-Fi buzzer clocks, horns, strobes & relays • Initiate countdown timers on 6-digit Wi-Fi digital clocks • Create or modify daily clock schedules with a few simple clicks • Organize and schedule Wi-Fi clocks individually or by user-defined zones • Update network settings

Operate other Wi-Fi Devices with the inCloud Portal

Wi-Fi Horn W4AHORN-JU24 $758.95 The Wi-Fi horn is an indoor-only signaling device triggered by programmed events in the inCloud schedule dashboard. • Horn Volume: 78 dB to 103 dB at 10′ (volume adjustable) • Power: 120VAC

Wi-Fi Strobe W4ASTRB-B-JU24 (Blue) $638.95 W4ASTRB-W-JU24 (White) $638.95 The Wi-Fi strobe/siren is an indoor- only audible and visual notification device triggered by programmed events in the inCloud schedule dashboard. • Includes 10 high-intensity LEDs • Siren has 32 user- selectable tones • Power: 120VAC

Wi-Fi Relay W4ARELAY-JU24


The Wi-Fi relay is a compact receiver that provides a relay output at programmed times to activate low-power devices. • Normally open contacts with .5A rating @ 120VAC • Active closure time of 1-59 seconds – relay can also be triggered for longer time periods • Power: 120VAC

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