American Time 2024 Mid-Year Catalog

Wi-Fi Analog Clocks

Analog Wi-Fi network clocks are an ideal solution for synchronized time and are available in your choice of battery-operated or electric models. They connect to an internet time server using your existing 802.11b/g/n wireless network, so there is no need for a system controller or other synchronization equipment, making them a simple, economical and highly accurate choice for any installation or application.


• Staggered wake times for unnoticeable network load • Automatic daylight saving time adjustment • No system controller or serial connection required • inCloud compatible

• Factory- or self-configuration available (see page 75) • Accurate to within 1 second of SNTP time server • Plug-and-play – clocks that are preconfigured automatically join your network

Manage Wi-Fi Clocks with the inCloud Portal If you're operating a large facility with many rooms and multiple clock locations, it's easy to take control of that complexity. Oversee all American Time network devices with the inCloud Management Portal.

Check operating status, signal strength, power, time sync and more at a glance. Simplify your event scheduling with the new calendar-based Schedule Dashboard.. The inCloud portal manages American Time Wi-Fi, PoE, and EverAlert devices.

“We opted for Wi-Fi rather than a master clock for ease of installation. They worked right out of the box as described without any adjustment on our side other than defining the network ID.” – DON L., DIRECTOR OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Our Customers Say It Best

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