Wi-Fi Analog Clocks

Power Options BATTERY-OPERATED For flexibility of location, select a battery model. They're powered using a Battery Booster pack that contains six AA lithium batteries, for up to five years of maintenance-free operation. ELECTRIC-POWERED Never have to change batteries with electric Wi-Fi clocks. They're available in 120VAC or 24VAC and have user-selectable sync frequencies.


Custom Logo Dials Promote your brand with custom-printed clock dials. Available on all analog clocks. Call for details.

Case Options PLASTIC Impact-resistant molded plastic available in black, white or brown with shatter-resistant polycarbonate lens. ALUMINUM Brushed aluminum shell over molded plastic base with shatter-resistant polycarbonate lens. STEEL Durable steel available in black, gray or white (NEW) with convex glass or clear acrylic crystal. WOOD Real wood frame available in Light Oak or Mahogany finish with shatter-resistant polycarbonate lens.

Double dials available in plastic and steel case ceiling or wall mount options.

What Information Is Used to Pre-Configure a Wi-Fi Clock at the Factory? We pre-configure American Time Wi-Fi clocks using two SNTP server Static IP addresses for redundancy or an SNTP server domain name. Contact your IT Administrator for this information. We recommend local time servers for best results. Examples are shown below. Primary SNTP IP: 64 - 147 - 116 - 229

Additional information: • Time Zone • DST option • SSID name • Password • Security type

Secondary SNTP IP:

64 - 250 - 229 - 100

or Server Domain Name:

75 ▪

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