Wired Clock Systems Wired clock systems are operated by a system controller that supplies a correction signal over dedicated wiring to all connected clocks. The clocks become synchronized by this signal and are accurate to within one second of the controller. Signaling or lighting equipment can also be synchronized via additional circuits in the system controller to create an organized and secure environment throughout your facility. Although these wired systems have withstood the test of time, the original equipment is becoming more difficult to maintain. When it's time to replace clocks from original manufacturers that can date back to the mid- 1900s, this section can take the guesswork out of compatibility concerns.

Recognize any of these? Wired clock or bell systems rely on the controller. If you're struggling with one that's outdated, call us to find out how easily it can be replaced.

For wired synchronous clocks of almost any kind, the AllSync IQ system controller can be wired to control 29 distinct clock correction protocols.


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