The Economical Solution to Replace Your Failing Master Clock

AllSync IQ System Controller The AllSync IQ system controller is the perfect replacement to provide synchronized scheduling of wired secondary clocks, AllSync Plus clocks, bell signals and electrical circuits. Programming the unit is fast and easy using the keypad or Remote Connect web interface. If your network is synchronized over a local domain, you can maintain NIST timekeeping throughout your entire system. Connected circuits will have perfectly synchronized time using SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol) or Daytime Protocol via Ethernet connection. AllSync IQ controls system secondary clocks from most major brands, including Cincinnati, Dukane, Faraday, Honeywell, Lathem, National Time, Simplex® and Standard® Electric Co. (SETCO). • Controls up to 99 schedules and 9999 events • Automatic daylight saving time adjustments • Password-secured • On-board battery keeps time without external power and retains programmed data • Quartz crystal time base accurate to ±1 minute/year • Surge protection


Shown with protective cover removed.


Model No. Each ASQMSTR-00X8E-JU24 120VAC powered; Ethernet connection; 6 signal circuits; 2 clock circuits $1,321.95 H002944-JU24 Rack Mount Adapter for AllSync IQ master clock $88.95 H001941-JU24 120VAC Resistor Pack with relay $83.95 H005254-JU24 24VAC Resistor Pack with relay $83.95 Note: Resistor Packs are used to reduce stray voltage on clock circuits when they are not energized. Description

Control One Building (or Several) with Remote Connect Manage your controller, clocks, equipment, and bell schedules from your computer using the Remote Connect web interface. Features: • Control wired clocks and auxiliary devices • Assign custom durations per event • Manage programming of up to six zones • Activate wired devices remotely • No software or user fees

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