How Can a SiteSync IQ Wireless Clock System Help You? Complete Coverage – Facilities and campuses typically achieve coverage using only one transmitter with a 5- to 30-watt system controller. Convenient System Control – Control your entire system from any browser with our Remote Connect web interface. Easy to Install – Simply find a suitable location for the system controller, mount the transmitting antenna and complete the Quick Start Guide, then hang clocks anywhere you choose. We manage the FCC radio license for you, so no special licensing or expertise is required. The Wireless System A wireless clock system starts with a system controller, sometimes called a master clock, that pulls time through Network Time Protocol (NTP) via Ethernet connection or Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite. The system controller transmits a wireless signal directly to each clock for correction and synchronization.

Our Customers Say It Best "The controller broadcasts to our largest building that's 60,000 square feet and solid cinderblock... we've never had a problem with our clocks and we don't need a booster." – JASON B., FACILITIES SUPPORT


Control Wireless or Wired Devices

Replace Legacy Wired Clocks As Needed Our hybrid wireless/wired controller can run everything wirelessly, or integrate with a current wired system. SiteSync IQ is available with optional clock circuits and six user-programmable signal circuits. Each circuit will run a portion of your existing system, such as wired clocks, bells, lights, door access, PA system and more. As your wired clocks fail, phase in wireless clocks for greater flexibility and spot-on accuracy. Replacing your failing wired master with a Site Sync IQ system controller is a budget-friendly way to upgrade your system and stay within your yearly maintenance budget.

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