American Time 2024 Mid-Year Catalog

SiteSync IQ Wireless System

Keep Your Building in Sync.

A SiteSync IQ Wireless Clock System is perfect for… New installations within an existing building or new construction Building expansions or remodels with a legacy wired clock system


Eliminates the need for wiring individual clocks (battery- operated) and minimizes labor and installation costs. A hybrid wired/wireless system reduces the need for additional infrastructure when expanding. Add wireless clocks based on your budget and timing!

Easy Set Up Hang a clock anywhere

Precise Time Automatic time synchronization

No Maintenance Battery booster packs last up to 5 years

Get Total Control • Create multiple event and bell schedules according to your building’s needs • Control an entire building or campus with just one device • Access the Remote Connect web interface from anywhere

• Use Remote Connect to sync and control anything with a signal circuit, like bells, lights and door locks • Expand a legacy wired system by adding wireless clocks as needed for a cost-effective transition

Our Customers Say It Best "SiteSync IQ is going to save us a ton of money on wiring because I’ll be able to just hang a wireless clock anywhere someone needs it, and it’s good for five years [battery life]. Plus, we save money on the installation because we can just hang up the clocks ourselves. They will be great for our expansion!" – TONY D., BUILDING AND GROUNDS DIRECTOR

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