SiteSync IQ Wireless System

No Wires Required!

How it Works The SiteSync IQ system controller receives a time signal through NTP via Ethernet or satellites via GPS receiver. A signal is sent to each wireless clock using a radio frequency with no limit to the number of clocks. Thanks to wireless relays, the system can schedule events for other equipment in your facility to be synchronized with your clocks, like turning light circuits ON/OFF or toggling electronically switched door locks. Top Tips before Setting up SiteSync IQ 1. Give us a call to determine the appropriate transmitter size for your building or campus. 2. Test the system controller signal strength with a handheld signal meter or invite an American Time expert for a site visit. 3. Place the system controller in a centralized, elevated area to better reach all clocks.


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Ethernet or GPS satellite

SSIQ system controller

Wireless devices

Our Customers Say It Best "We got a whole lot more for our budget. One controller covers our entire campus. Plus, we didn’t have to spend extra money on wires or other equipment." – TOM S., SENIOR SUPPORT ANALYST, IT FIELD SERVICES

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