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SiteSync IQ System Controllers Ethernet Sync with Remote Connect Web Interface

Choose from a variety of options to retrieve the world's official time and seamlessly operate your wireless system. Integrate existing wired clocks with wireless clocks for perfectly synchronized time throughout your facility. Whether you maintain a local time server or synchronize devices via access to external Network Time Protocol (NTP) servers, the ethernet option is ideal for keeping consistent time with your other network devices. What Size System Controller? Deciding the system controller size depends on the layout of the site, number of floors, building material, and other obstructions between the transmitter and the furthest clock. Below is a grid showing transmitter sizes with recommended facility size.


Typical application with campus transmitting antenna

Typical application with magnetic mount transmitting antenna



Internal Magnetic Mount Antenna

External Mount Campus Antenna

• 3-6 story facility • Small to medium campus • Multiple buildings • 8-10 story facility • One city block

• 1-2 story facility • 200k ft 2 /floor • single building

5 Watt

10 Watt

10 Watt • 3-5 story facility • 300k ft 2 /floor  460-470 MHz, FCC shared license frequencies

30 Watt

 460-470 MHz, FCC shared license frequencies

These are estimates only. Many variables affect signal reception. Contact one of our wireless system advisors for a free consultation to determine the perfect size for your application. Call us at 800.328.8996.

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