FMN | March 16th, 2020

FPA Awards (Cont’d from Page 9)

Amcor Flexibles Brazi won a Gold Award — Shelf Impact for Predilecta Sacciali Jar Shaped Pouch.The Sac- ciali brand jar shaped pouch reportedly combines the best of flexible packaging technology for lightweight and long shelf life with increased shelf impact using graphic design and a shape factor to enhance consumer interest at the point of sale.The“mason jar”shape nods to the tra- ditional glass packaging common in the sauce category. However, flexible packaging offers the significant bene- fits of a 97 percent weight reduction over glass, leading to a wide range of sustainable benefits. Printpack won a Gold Award — Shelf Impact for Paqui Tortilla Chips Pillow Pouch. Amplify Snack Brands redesigned its Paqui tortilla chip packaging to create a striking brand block on the shelf.They chose a design with a large logo, a strong focal point, and simple food photography to create a memorable pack- age that would make it easy for consumers to find and remember its brand.

Glenroy, Inc. was awarded a Gold Award — Ex- panding the Use of Flexible Packaging for Pre- made STANDCAP Inverted Pouches. Premade STAND- CAP inverted pouches reportedly extend product freshness, stand out on the shelf, provide time-saving and utensil-free convenience for users, and make an eco-friendly impact by reducing fossil fuel usage, wa- ter usage, and greenhouse gas emissions when com- pared to alternative package formats. ePac — Flexible Packaging won a Gold Award — Printing and a Gold Award — Shelf Impact for Sk- ratch Labs Limited Edition EF Pro Cycling HP Mosaic Packaging. Skratch Labs developed a limited-edition package for its sports hydration drink mix to cele- brate EF Education First Pro Cycling’s participation in the Tour de France. Each pouch in the entire 10,000 unit print run is unique and features an exclusive col- or-shifting design. Printpack won a Gold Award — Printing for Stacy’s Women’s History Month Packaging.

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