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JULY 2018




TurningPoints MY LAW JOURNEY When we founded Dickerson Oxton Law Firm, Chelsea and I were determined to be more than your average attorneys. We wanted to build real relationships with the folks we help, to be there for them inside and outside the courtroom. That’s why we are excited to welcome you to the very first edition of our newsletter! This publication is our little way of keeping in touch with you. After all, as personal injury lawyers, we represent people when they are often at their most vulnerable. Since we take the time to get to know you and the details of your case, we’d like to give you a chance to become familiar with us. You deserve to know your representatives and what they stand for. That’s why I want to begin by sharing the winding road that led me to become a lawyer in the first place. Believe it or not, I was really into sports as a teenager. In those days, soccer and track were what I did day in and day out; becoming a lawyer was about as far from my mind as it could possibly be. But my parents saw a talent in me that I was unaware of. You see, I was a rebellious kid who thought he knew everything, so I got into plenty of arguments with Mom and Dad, and plenty of trouble. Once my parents realized that I wasn’t going to stop getting into disputes with them, they decided I may as well learn to do it well. So they enrolled me in debate class against my will, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. I’m not going to lie — my teenage self resented this decision. Debate class felt more like a punishment than anything else. Or at least it did until my first tournament. Valued reader,


In order to pass the class, I was required to


compete in at least two debate competitions a year. So I grudgingly dragged myself to the first tournament, hoping to get the ordeal out of the way. Then I got destroyed by the competition, and everything changed. My competitive mindset kicked into full gear, and I threw myself into the activity. I placed second in the next three competitions and ended up competing in every single tournament that year. My mind was made up; I wanted to become a lawyer and debate for a living. At the time, the only lawyer I knew was the father of one of my high school friends. He was an attorney who represented victims of medical malpractice and drug injuries, which means he frequently went up against some of the biggest conglomerates in the health care and pharmaceutical industry. He’d sit in his recliner chair in his living room with his legal pad in hand and tell me about the blatant abuses these corporations were committing against everyday people. Those evenings where I sat and listened to this established attorney rail against the negligence of the giant companies and their refusal to take responsibility for harming people taught me something they don’t really cover in law school. Lawyers can and should give a voice to the voiceless to deliver justice and correct injustice. In the court of law, David can slay Goliath, holding multimillion-dollar industries accountable to the same values of responsibility we share with our friends and neighbors. That’s the kind of lawyer I wanted to be.









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