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Relieving My “Pain-In-The-Neck”

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I had put up with tight muscles, limited motion, and some pain for a long time. I had tried massage and acupuncture (multiple times) to get relief. I received a newsletter in the mail from Avenues PhysicalTherapy to try PhysicalTherapy as they have the experience, means, and methods to help. The flyer offered a free check-out and screening. I decided to give them a call. The screening was set just a few days away. I met with Kelsey and explained my issues. Limited neck rotation was a major concern. While driving I could not look over my shoulder to check the left or right side “blind spots” creating real safety issues. The rotation also caused shooting nerve pains. Neck pains alsooccurredwhilesittingand readingordoingcomputerwork. Theneckpains were also affecting my sleeping when I moved in bed. Kelsey’s screening included rotational movement, “up and down” nodding, and flexibility. He recommended a series of PT treatments that included learning exercises that can be done daily at home plus strength training for the neck muscles and stretching done at the clinic. His “hands-on” therapy was always a great finish to each PT session. After twosetsof therapysessions, Icannowsafely lookovermyshoulderwhile driving, sit and comfortably read without pain. As an added benefit, Kelsey’s plan helped my skiing. The stretching and flexibility are always helpful and the neck rotation really helps when turning my head-with-ski-helmet to avoid other skiers. Istrongly recommendusingAvenuesPhysicalTherapy. Kelsey listened, tested, and developed a plan to relieve my symptoms. I no longer have my “pain-in- the-neck.” - John P.


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