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Q: I woke up with a ‘kink’ in my neck 3 days ago and it hasn’t gone away. Can physical therapy help me? A: This is a common question, and one we hear from a lot of people. Before we answer this for you, we want to walk you through a simple test. We call it the ‘neck pain audit.’ It will tell us if PT can help you or not.

Part 1: The “Changing Lanes & Backing Your Car Up” Test 1. Sit in a chair keeping good posture. 2. Turn your head to the right as far as you can. 3. Turn your head to the left as far as you can. Is it harder to turn one way than the other? Or are they the same? If you felt pain, soreness or stiffness turning your head, then write it down here:

Part3:The“Holding thePhoneBetweenYourShoulder&Ear”Test 1. Sit in a chair keeping good posture. 2. Tilt your head to the right (right ear to right shoulder). Don’t scrunch your shoulder up. 3. Tilt your head to the left (same thing to the other side). Was one side tougher than the other? Write down what you felt: Now that the test is done, let’s take a look at this. A really simple rule we use in PT is: if the pain is reproducible, then it’s reducible .This means that if one of these movements made your neck pain, soreness or stiffness worse, then there’s a good chance we can help you in physical therapy. So here’s what to do next: if you are ready to get rid of that kink in your neck so that you sleep better and don’t have pain at work, then complete this form and bring it with you to your FREE exam. At the FREE exam you will receive: • A detailed plan that explains where your pain is coming from • What successful treatment looks like • The cost and time needed to heal If you are ready to schedule your FREE exam, call 307-634-0298 today!

Part 2: The “YES” Head Nod Test 1. Sit in a chair keeping good posture.

2. Look up as far as you can (tilt your head back like a PEZ dispenser). 3. Look down as far as you can (try to touch your chin to your chest).Did you have any pain, soreness or stiffness? If so, then write it down here. Note what you felt with what movement (example: ‘A deep ache in my right shoulder when I tucked my chin to my chest. Felt stiff.’):

611 West 18th Street Cheyenne, WY 82001 F R E E N E C K E X AM C E R T I F I C AT E Call 307-634-0298 today to schedule your free exam. This offer is limited to the first 15 callers. If you or someone you know needs help, don’t delay! This offer expires 06-30-2019. “No More Headaches!” “I came in based on a newsletter sent to my wife that discussed neck pain and migraine headaches.  I was experiencing almost daily headaches for a couple of weeks and thought I would try your clinic.  After just a couple of appointments my headaches subsided to hardly any within the following month so that was a huge improvement.  Over the next few weeks the combination of massage/stretching of my neck muscles and teaching me some regular exercises to improve my posture (sitting and standing) and strengthening my related muscles seems to have really made a difference.  When I get lazy on the exercises I do notice the difference!  Thanks for the help!  It was worth it!” - Doug S .


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