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Building Good Things


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eal estate investors often do their best work during the worst

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times. We’ve all met investors who turned their fortunes and family lives around on their last dime or helped create hope and economic revival in des- perately struggling communities, and every one of us can relate when it comes to picking up the pieces of a seemingly irreparable transaction and making the deal work despite the odds. Frequently, an investor’s willingness to broaden their conception of the real estate sector leads to the greatest achievements of all. A simple shift in perspective, making an insurmountable height seem, say, more like a long, steep, heart-racing-but-acces- sible flight of stairs, is usually the predecessor to this type of conceptual expansion. If you’re seeking that shift right now, then consider this: “Whatever good things we build end up building us.” The author of these words, famed motivational speaker and entrepreneur Jim Rohn, was a passionate entrepreneur and savvy businessman considered by many real estate investors to be a primary source of inspiration and motivation. After departing not one, but two, successful di- rect-sales positions where he was both thoughtfully mentored and financially rewarded, Rohn dove into motivational speaking and personal development. He flourished, teaching business strategy and personal devel- opment for the remainder of his life. A voluntary shift in perspective took things from good to otherworldly, both in terms of Rohn’s personal success and his lasting, extensive legacy, which includes mentoring famed moti- vational speaker Tony Robbins early in his career. It is no less than appropriate, then, that Rohn’s commentary on building introduces this issue of Think Realty Magazine . Throughout our March issue, we offer you a variety of perspectives on growth, expansion, profitability, and prob-

• Our cover feature, specially expanded for this edition, reveals the methods used and insights gained by one of the best in the business when it comes to making really big investments happen repeatedly for more than six decades, Samuel K. Freshman.


• This month's Special Section, focused on mul- tifamily investing, tackles a vast array of means and methods for getting started in multifamily as well as maintaining and growing your existing multifamily portfolio. What better way to expand your investing perspective than to literally think bigger in your investments? • Our contributors, writing from an expanse of viewpoints and experience in the active indus- try, unswervingly identify, analyze, and resolve strategic difficulties with investment vehicles and broader, sector-related social and economic crises looming on the horizon – all through the lens of productive, ethical, profitable real estate investing. It’s clear at this point that 2018 is going to be an unusual year, with the likelihood high for banner triumphs and failures on many different fronts across housing markets around the country. Thinking bigger, broader, and better will be crucial to not just weathering any storm, but thriving through it. At Think Realty, we are dedicated to providing you with the resources you need at every point in your real estate investing journey, and we are proud to be part of an industry that sits squarely among your ave- nues toward financial success and security at every given time. Build good things with us. Start now. •




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