Weather happens, but what if you could avoid accidents, fires and theft?

ALPS is a free service benefiting residential real estate investors by providing resources to prevent avoidable losses. One incident can have a catastrophic impact on your bottom line - or worse yet, loss of life. ALPS features tips, tools and products that you can use to protect your assets, create a safer environment for your tenants, and save on insurance costs! Not using this FREE service could cost you!


A ffinity Loss Prevention Services (ALPS) is your source for infor- mation and resources to help you avoid preventable losses at your investment properties. Any loss costs you money, but it could also result in serious injury, the loss of a tenant or a claim, causing fluctuations in your insurance costs. If losses are avoided, everyone wins! Connected to a national insurance program, ALPS analyzes the

cy status? We’ll give you a head start with seasonal property checklists! DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE ON LOSS PREVENTION PRODUCTS THROUGH THE ALPS WEBSITE: Below is a small sampling of inexpen- sive products we’ve identified to help you lessen your risk of two of the most common and preventable losses that damage investment properties – Fire and Theft. Use our exclusive ALPS discount

they may abandon their efforts and move on to their next target. Thieves are looking for copper pipe, wiring, fixtures, appliances, and HVAC systems and will do major damage to remove them. A reinforced door makes a theft more difficult, so don’t be an easy target. TATTLETALE ALARMS Protect your vacant or remodel with a portable alarm. Monitoring access to your property can be easily accomplished by providing entry codes to contractors and property managers. Any intruder will be surprised by the 95 decibel alarm and strobe light, encouraging them to leave immediately, saving you from theft losses. This portable system can be moved from house to house, and monitoring is set up monthly with no long-term contracts (unlike most traditional security companies). The system is also customizable with a number of different sensors. TWO MINUTES OF READING COULD SAVE YOU MONTHS OF HEADACHES The ALPS website is the place to ask questions and provide feedback about what works and what doesn’t, so the whole REI community can grow and succeed. Visit the ALPS site today ( to sign-up up for the Free Monthly Newsletter and get timely Loss Prevention News! • EXPLORE MORE PRODUCTS ON THE ALPS WEBSITE: WWW.AFFINITYLPS.COM

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When you prevent a loss you: 1. Keep more money in your pocket 2. Avoid unexpected expenditures 3. Avoid interruption of revenue (Rent) 4. Avoid the injury of a tenant or visitor to the property 5. Avoid having to file a claim

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most common losses among residential real estate investment prop- erties. We dissect the cause of those losses and try to determine how they could have been prevented. After reviewing his- torical loss informa- tion to identify trends, we develop materials and

ALPS delivers tips and insight based on real analysis of insurance claims history. Losses on residential real estate investments are sometimes different than what you might expect around your own home. We support property managers and investors through: • Education you can use in your daily management activities • Educational materials you may share with tenants • The ALPS Property Manager Listing, where

codes to save when you order from the manufacturer, and ask your insurer about property insurance rate dis- counts when using them!

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seek out methods or products that can help protect you against costly damage.

Kitchen Fires. Are you familiar with your tenants’ cooking habits? We sought out this simple solution when numerous cooking fire losses indicated that some tenants might not be great chefs. Careless or inattentive cooking has led to fire-dam- aged kitchens, serious burns, the total loss of many properties and even the death of tenants. ARMOR CONCEPTS Door Armor: Reinforce your doors against “kick-ins”. It takes seconds to kick in a regular door. If a thief has difficulty getting in quickly,

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investors can locate top-quality PMs ˚ PM's: Learn how you can get listed

ALPS also engages Investors, Prop- erty Managers and Industry Experts, listening for pain and success stories and shares those experiences in our monthly newsletter and on our website. We provide resources in the form of articles, checklists, access to discounted products and even a Property Manager Listing so you can find quality Property Managers near your investment prop- erties. Do you have written procedures for regular and preventive maintenance based on the season and each occupan-

Save a loss. Save a life. Save a claim. Visit today!


ALPS is affiliated with National Real Estate Insurance Group. ALPS, an Affinity Worldwide Company.

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