Sumrok Multifamily Mentoring B rad Sumrok specializes in helping people earn Double-Digit Returns and

• Syndicating (Group Purchasing) • Contract-to-Closing •  Raising Money within SEC Compliance • Multifamily Business Planning •  1/2 DAY BUS TOUR where you will see properties owned by Brad’s Stu- dents in DFW •  Costly Mistakes and How You Can Avoid Them • Using your SD IRA to Invest • Getting Started Now in Today’s Market The next Weekend Training Event is November 4th and 5th, 2017. Se- cure Your Seat Now by registering at Brad’s passions include his wife Jen, family, travel, health and fitness and of course his Apartments & his Students.

His Personal Mission is to help as many people as possible obtain more Income, Freedom and Security by transferring his 15+ years of Apartment Investing experi- ence to those who attend his training. When Brad is not Mentoring and Teaching, he spends his time with his wife & family, working out, and trav- eling. The Income from his Apartment Investing has allowed him to live life on his own terms, spend time with family and friends, enjoy two residences (Texas and Florida) and travel the world. Brad wants you to be able to enjoy the same quality of life that he and Jen have... Imagine being able to pay your bills with your Investment Income and retire within 5 Years or Less...what are you waiting for? Visit to secure your seat. •

Retiring Early by Investing in Apartments. Since 2005 Brads Students have purchased over 250 Apartment Complexes. Many of them began with no previous investing experience, have full-time jobs, and not a lot of time or money. In the past 2 years alone Brad has helped his Students purchase 49 Apartment Complexes in 11 US Markets totaling over $241,000,000 in Purchase Volume and over 5,000 Total Units. Brad is based in Dallas and is also an active Multi-Family Property Owner. After 2 degrees and 17 years in the corporate “rat- race”, in 2002 he purchased his very first investment property, a 32-unit complex, with no previous experience. He has been a Principal in over 3.000 units and currently owns Apartment Buildings in Texas, Colo- rado, Oklahoma, Ohio and Florida. In 2012 he received the prestigious Paragon Award as “Independent Rental Owner of the Year” from the National Apartment Association. Virtually everyone can benefit from Brad’s trainings and processes and NO previous experience is required. He teaches how to invest as a Lead Sponsor/Syndicator, as Pas- sive Investor and also as an Individual. Brad teaches a content rich 2 day Apart- ment Investor Mastery Weekend Training Event 3 times a year to help you get started in Apartment Investing. Brad covers the following topics: • The 3-Step Wealth Formula •  Brad’s 3 Rules to Retire Early and Permanently •  Brad’s Proven 12-Step Apartment Acquisition Process that will save you Time and Money •  Multifamily Financial & Market Analysis • Due Diligence • Rehabbing • Property & Asset Management • Multifamily Financing

“Within 1 year after attending Brad’s weekend training, we were able to purchase this 100-unit property in Colorado. Brad was always available when we needed him and his Programmade it simple for us to find, analyze, fund and close on the property. We are so glad we met Brad.”

-Sarah and Alexander May (pictured with partners Fred and Mike)

“I live in the SF Bay Area and first attended Brad’s weekend training in Nov 2016. I saw huge value in being part of a network of successful apartment investors who were buying apartments all over the USA. Being out of state, I was skeptical at first, but Brad and his Program gave me the tools I needed to succeed. Within 7 months, my partners and I (all students in Brad’s Program) bought a 152-unit property in Dallas. If you are serious about apartment investing, go to Brad’s event in Dallas.”

-Steve Smith (pictured with partners Carrie and Richard)


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