Your guide to civil ceremonies in Argyll and Bute

What happens on the day? Parking

How long does it last? We want to help make your ceremony a memorable day for you and your guests. Ceremonies can be as full or as simple as you wish and, once you and your registrar have finalised all the details, they will be able to advise you approximately how long your ceremony will last. Guests We recommend that your guests arrive 15 minutes before the ceremony is due to start. Wedding Party Traditionally the parties arrive separately but arrangements can be made to suit your requirements if you choose to arrive together or along with your guests. Depending on your venue, arrangements may be different. Please note that we cannot allocate time to be traditionally late, as we have to consider arrangements for other marriage parties.

Parking can vary depending on the location of your ceremony. We try to ensure a parking area is available for the wedding party. Flowers Floral arrangements are displayed in our ceremony rooms but if you would prefer to arrange for fresh flowers, we will be happy to discuss this with you when we finalise your ceremony. Music A selection of music is available at our offices but please feel free to discuss choosing your own special pieces of music. Our main registration offices have facilities to play music either by Bluetooth or CD player. You can also decide to have live music to complement your ceremony if you wish. COVID-19 Due to the recent pandemic please contact your local registrar for details of any restrictions that may be in place.


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