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Spring is on its way!

As spring is getting closer, we have to look back over the last couple of months. I am absolutely amazed at how wet January and February were. If I am not mistaken, we have had the most rain in history this year. I have two dogs that love to be outside. The only down side is that they love to be outside and we have had the wettest 2 months in history. I have to clean puppy paws every time they come back into the house. Luckily, I found an awesome product here locally at 3 DogBakery. It is this little siliconemiracle that washes their feet with little scrubber things and water. Before I found this gem, I would have to carry themto the bathtub EVERYTIME they came into the house. Soon the back yard will be green and we will have less mud to worry about. ANYWAY… sorry I got side tracked about the dogs. Just a little point of contention with the pups. As you all know, my kids are active. Very active. We run more that we walk. My home is just a pitstop to grab a bite, change and then off to the races. Stone is still lacrossing it. Hemade the varsity squad for Collierville. I am very proud of him. He worked really hard over the off season. Foster made the middle

school baseball team. Hewas sooo nervous. Now, the tryouts, they were horrible. 4-7 PM on a Thursday night. Not that big of a deal... right.WRONG! It was 35 degreeswith 15MPH winds and constant drizzle. Baseball is not a sport to be played in that kind of weather. Thegirls are still dancingmost everyweekend. We are so excited for them both. They have grown so much and I cannot look forward enough to the next performance. I am just really sad that this is my last year to watch Sophie dance. She graduates this spring. Onto bigger and better things for that one. Brinkley is dipping her toes into the world of Track and Field this year. She tied for the most laps at run club and ran more laps than anyone else at the Bailey Bear Boogie. We will see how she likes the formal program. For me, we are working hard to get super organized and it has been so awesome to watchmy teamcome together andmake the office run very smoothly. You should come by and see the new faces.



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