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Happy New Year! We want to thank you for trusting our team in 2019, and as we head into this new year, I’m looking forward to continuing to grow with you and our community. We learned a lot from each other in 2019, and we can’t wait to springboard off that success and those lessons into a better 2020. My three biggest goals for 2020 include creating a more powerful and effective onboarding system that develops a base of understanding for your therapeutic team, fostering personal development for each team member, and building a company culture that embodies our goals and continues to motivate our team. Each one of these goals stem from various exciting opportunities for growth within our clinic, and my team and I are looking forward to reaching for these accomplishments in 2020. We already have some exciting plans in place to continue offering the best care possible for you and your loved ones! For example, our team will be hosting shoulder and lower back pain workshops throughout 2020. Our goal is to provide an informative session that digs into the root causes of these pains and the holistic treatment options that physical therapy can provide. We want to do more with the expertise we have to help patients find relief and proper treatment, and we believe patient education is the most effective route to get there. Furthermore, we want patients to understand that while pain may be common, it is not normal and they do not have to “just live with it.” There are treatment options available, regardless of how long you have been in pain.

I firmly believe my team is equipped to educate patients, and learning to trust their expertise and delegating tasks has been a big part of my personal growth in 2020. As a first- year business owner, my mentor, Chad Madden, has been tremendously supportive and helpful with these lessons. Chad is a successful business owner, father of six, practicing physical therapist, and mentor across the nation for other physical therapists. I remember asking him how he manages to do all of this, and he said it all starts with himself. He has to ensure he takes time for himself and schedules moments for self-improvement before he can expect to better his company and professional output. Chad has been instrumental in helping me develop my personal regimen to ensure I am doing the best I can for my patients, my team, and my family. Regardless of what changes come or how we grow at Kaizen Physical Therapy, the biggest goal our company has this year is to continue offering therapeutic treatment options that help patients avoid medications, injections, and surgeries. That has always been our main priority, and it will remain the most important part of our jobs here at Kaizen Physical Therapy.

“Furthermore, we want patients to understand that while pain may be common, it is not normal and they do not have to 'just live with it.'"

After all, it all starts with you, and your health and happiness are the most important goals for us.

–Dr. Colin Sisco

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