Kaizen PT - January 2020


Here’s how ...

• Tell us about your life before and after Kaizen Physical Therapy. What kind of pain did you have? How did we help you? What do you enjoy about your life today?

• We’ll snap a photo of you, your physical therapist, and any other team members who helped you.

• We’ll hang up your story on our Wall of Fame! It will stay there to inspire future patients on the road to healing.

• Then, we add your story to our binder full of patient stories, organized by ailment, to offer hope to patients suffering from the same conditions you were.

Get your story on our wall by calling our team at 206-524-6702!

Are you interested in reading stories that relate to your injury? Ask our team to show you our binders full of patient stories! Thank you for letting us be part of your healing journey.

206-524-6702 KaizenSeattle.com


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