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My Kids Make Me Remember How Lucky I Am BORN THE DAY AFTER ST. PATRICK’S DAY

The 17th of March is St. Patrick’s Day. 19 years ago, my son Shaun was born the next day, on the 18th of March. Because of that, it’s always been easy for me to equate luck with having kids. Shaun is my firstborn, and his birth kicked off a new era in my life that has brought about blessings I could never have anticipated. When Shaun was very young, around a year old, I took him to a water park for the first time. We were at the edge of the kiddie pool, and he looked out over the water, nervous to get into what must have appeared like a big bathtub to him. Then he looked at me. I looked back at him for a moment — and then I dove in. This was enough to get him to follow me, and he was soon playing in the water without a worry in the world. Shaun has always been an adventurous kid, and he’s really good at making decisions based on my humble guidance. At age 19, he has already started his own Roth IRA. Shaun invests in three companies — two of which are his very own companies he started from scratch while he’s studying in college! He may have learned some of those skills from me, but the initiative was all his own. You can’t convince me luck had nothing to do with me having a son who is that independent. I think every parent expects that they will have to teach their kids certain things and guide them in certain ways. Speaking for myself, I did not anticipate how much I would reorganize every aspect of my

life when Shaun was born. I became better about my finances because I had the cost of his future education in mind. I also started paying more attention to my physical fitness out of a desire to be healthy and around to provide for my kids as long as possible. I’ve always felt lucky that Shaun’s birth had these effects on me.

quite a bit. Both despite and through those disagreements, we’ve formed solid relationships with one another. Even though he’s away, I still chat with Shaun over text a couple times a week. I can talk about anything with my kids, no matter how sensitive of a subject it might seem — another reason I count myself lucky. Our tradition of honest communication is something that I try to bring to my Primary Eye Care Associates team every day. Some of them have children who are younger, and being a little further down that road, I’m always happy to give out advice if they’re looking for it. It’s been an incredible journey, and the transition from having all the kids at home to having one in college has gone really well. I always tell my team members that I blinked my eyes, and my kids went from kindergarten to out the door now in college. Every parent has reasons to count themselves lucky because of their kids, even if they weren’t born the day after St. Patrick’s Day.



At the same time, for all I’ve taught my kids, I’ve learned so much from them as well. That was a twist I definitely did not expect. Shaun has become quite the chef, and after years of eating my dabbling in gourmet meals, Shaun has learned and is now giving me culinary advice! But the thing I’ve learned the most about from my kids has been honest communication. Throughout the time they’ve been growing up, we’ve had our fair share of disagreements, and I’ve bitten my tongue

Until next time, Eye’ll see you later!

–Steven Chander

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