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My Kids Make Me Remember How Lucky I Am BORN THE DAY AFTER ST. PATRICK’S DAY

The 17th of March is St. Patrick’s Day. 19 years ago, my son Shaun was born the next day, on the 18th of March. Because of that, it’s always been easy for me to equate luck with having kids. Shaun is my firstborn, and his birth kicked off a new era in my life that has brought about blessings I could never have anticipated. When Shaun was very young, around a year old, I took him to a water park for the first time. We were at the edge of the kiddie pool, and he looked out over the water, nervous to get into what must have appeared like a big bathtub to him. Then he looked at me. I looked back at him for a moment — and then I dove in. This was enough to get him to follow me, and he was soon playing in the water without a worry in the world. Shaun has always been an adventurous kid, and he’s really good at making decisions based on my humble guidance. At age 19, he has already started his own Roth IRA. Shaun invests in three companies — two of which are his very own companies he started from scratch while he’s studying in college! He may have learned some of those skills from me, but the initiative was all his own. You can’t convince me luck had nothing to do with me having a son who is that independent. I think every parent expects that they will have to teach their kids certain things and guide them in certain ways. Speaking for myself, I did not anticipate how much I would reorganize every aspect of my

life when Shaun was born. I became better about my finances because I had the cost of his future education in mind. I also started paying more attention to my physical fitness out of a desire to be healthy and around to provide for my kids as long as possible. I’ve always felt lucky that Shaun’s birth had these effects on me.

quite a bit. Both despite and through those disagreements, we’ve formed solid relationships with one another. Even though he’s away, I still chat with Shaun over text a couple times a week. I can talk about anything with my kids, no matter how sensitive of a subject it might seem — another reason I count myself lucky. Our tradition of honest communication is something that I try to bring to my Primary Eye Care Associates team every day. Some of them have children who are younger, and being a little further down that road, I’m always happy to give out advice if they’re looking for it. It’s been an incredible journey, and the transition from having all the kids at home to having one in college has gone really well. I always tell my team members that I blinked my eyes, and my kids went from kindergarten to out the door now in college. Every parent has reasons to count themselves lucky because of their kids, even if they weren’t born the day after St. Patrick’s Day.



At the same time, for all I’ve taught my kids, I’ve learned so much from them as well. That was a twist I definitely did not expect. Shaun has become quite the chef, and after years of eating my dabbling in gourmet meals, Shaun has learned and is now giving me culinary advice! But the thing I’ve learned the most about from my kids has been honest communication. Throughout the time they’ve been growing up, we’ve had our fair share of disagreements, and I’ve bitten my tongue

Until next time, Eye’ll see you later!

–Steven Chander

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which means you and your kids have plenty of time to reserve a copy of this graphic novel at your local comic book shop! ‘CHAMPIONS’ “Champions” is a story about teenage superheroes, but don’t expect pizza or relationship drama in these panels. These comics tackle how young people today approach problems with a readiness to rally together and take matters into their own hands. “Champions” doesn’t shy away from hard topics, making it more appropriate for older kids and teens. But that doesn’t mean this story lacks heart or humor. Featuring comic favorites like Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man as well as popular newcomers, “Champions” is about identity, purpose, and what it really means to save the world.

It’s no secret that superhero movies are dominating the box office. The highest- grossing movies of 2018 (and the third and fourth highest-grossing of all time) were “Black Panther” and “Avengers: Infinity War.” There’s never been a better time to be a fan of superheroes or to become a fan of superhero comics. If your kids are interested in reading more about superheroes, here are a few great titles your whole family can enjoy together. ‘MS. MARVEL’ Since her debut in 2013, Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel, has been a wildly popular character, and her comic has gained critical acclaim. A 2015 Hugo Award winner, “Ms. Marvel” explores what it means to be a teenager, a first-

generation American, a friend, and a superhero. The storylines promote an important message: “Good is not a thing you are, it’s a thing you do.” In just a few years, Ms. Marvel has become an established superhero in comics, and it won’t be long before she steps onto the big screen with a live-action movie. ‘SUPER SONS: THE POLARSHIELD PROJECT’ Jon Kent, son of Superman, and Damian Wayne, son of Batman, couldn’t be more different. But when a mysterious force threatens the world, these super sons must learn to trust each other — and themselves — to save the day. Based on the hit “Super Sons” comic book series, “Super Sons: The Polarshield Project” doesn’t hit shelves until April 2, 2019,

Find these titles and other incredible stories at your local comic book shop.

SPRING IS IN THE AIR (UH-OH) Keeping Your Eyes Free of Allergens

“Spring is in the air” is not so lighthearted a phrase for those of us who suffer from spring allergies. Two months of tissues, eye drops, and involuntary naps from taking Benadryl tends to put a damper on the clear skies and warm weather. Itchy eyes can be one of the most irritating symptoms of spring allergies, but luckily, there are a number of ways to combat those itchy eyes. EYE DROPS OTC eye drops are one of the most tried-and-true methods for combating itchy allergy eyes. Choose a formula designed for allergies. For more intense relief, try thicker gel drops at night. Your doctor can also provide you with prescription drops if needed.

makes your eyes swell and your nose run. Keeping your eyes and face free of pollen can go a long way toward preventing swollen, irritating eyes. STAY INDOORS While your spring allergies shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the sunshine, it may benefit you to be intentional about the time you spend indoors. Approach especially windy days — when there will be more allergens in the air — with caution. Allergens will not be as plentiful just after rain, so that might be a good time to go enjoy the weather. Another good tip to remember is to keep your windows shut throughout the day. ORAL MEDICATIONS AND SHOTS There are plenty of oral antihistamines on the market for mild allergy symptoms. For more severe allergies, you might want to see a doctor about getting allergy shots. If itchy eyes persist in spite of these remedies, please don’t hesitate to call our office or come by for a visit.

COLD COMPRESSES Make a cold compress by running a washcloth under cool water, and apply it to your eyelids for several minutes. This should reduce swelling and irritation. WASH YOUR EYES AND FACE Allergens will dissolve in your tears and cause the antibodies in your eye cells to release histamine, which



And Some Wear Glasses

There is no shortage of fictional characters who wear glasses. Velma Dinkley, the brains of “Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated,” is known as much for her dependence on her glasses as she is for her intelligence. Superman’s alter ego, Clark Kent, wears glasses to protect his identity as the Man of Steel. These characters are iconic, but much of their identity is tied to their glasses. Fortunately, there are many main characters in children’s literature who wear glasses without being written as timid, ultrasmart cliches. Here are a few of them. A major plot point of the book “Junie B. Jones: First Grader (At Last!)” is that she must start wearing glasses. She is worried about what her classmates might think of her at first, but Junie soon finds that glasses are nothing to be afraid of. Her character offers encouragement to young children who are self-conscious about wearing glasses. JUNIE B. JONES

perhaps better known for being the main character of “Arthur,” the second-longest-running animated TV series of all time. The first episode, which aired in 1996 under the title “Arthur’s Eyes,” recounts the story of how Arthur got his glasses and endured teasing from his classmates but ultimately became confident wearing them. “Arthur” is still on the air, and his glasses now blend seamlessly with his character, letting children everywhere know that their glasses do not have to define them. Potentially one of the most famous fictional characters of all time, this young wizard sports a pair of round lenses for all seven books of his adventures with his friends at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. In a world filled with a magical cure for many ailments, readers often wonder why Harry never simply uses magic to fix his eyes. J.K. Rowling, the author of the series, HARRY POTTER

has said that she grew up wearing glasses and wanted a book in which the hero wore glasses too. “Harry Potter” is the best-selling book series of all time as of February 2018, selling 500 million copies worldwide.


This anthropomorphic aardvark started out as a book character created by Marc Brown, but he’s


Asparagus and AVOCADO SOUP Inspired by

INGREDIENTS • 12 ounces asparagus • 1 tablespoon olive oil • 2 cloves garlic, coarsely chopped • 2 cups chicken stock • 1 avocado, peeled, pitted, and cubed • Juice of 1/2 lemon • 1 tablespoon ghee or coconut oil • Salt and pepper, to taste


1. Heat oven to 425 F.

2. On a large rimmed baking sheet, toss asparagus and garlic with olive oil, salt, and pepper. Roast for 10 minutes. 3. Transfer asparagus to blender. Add remaining ingredients and puree until smooth.

4. Season to taste and serve.

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Diet, exercise, and sleep are all essential to achieving your fitness goals, but you’re inevitably going to reach a plateau. Maybe it starts with noticing you’re not getting the gains you wanted, or you’re feeling sluggish on a daily basis. This is common when going through an exercise program, and one factor hindering your progress could be a lack of nutrients. The following supplements may be able to help you reach peak physical fitness. Getting enough protein is vital for muscle- building and overall health. But when you consider all the options, choosing the right protein can be overwhelming. Soy? Whey? Plant-based? A fast-release protein, like whey or soy, is best to consume directly after your workouts, and a slow-release protein, like casein, works PROTEIN

well if taken before bed. The fast release helps with muscle growth, and the slow release prevents muscle deterioration and speeds up recovery.


Vitamins aren’t just for kids and the elderly. Many of our diets lack the nutrients necessary for muscle development and good health. A well- rounded multivitamin will add these nutrients into your body, giving you benefits at the gym and beyond. Supplementation isn’t just for gym rats. It can help anyone get closer to their goals and live a healthier life, and these three products are just the tip of the iceberg. While doing your own research is a great place to start, it’s also important to consult a fitness professional when looking for the right balance of supplements. There are many options available, and deciding the best regimen can be daunting, but once you have the proper routine, you can expect results.


Sometimes you just need that extra push of focus and energy. An excellent pre- workout product delivers vital nutrients to your muscles and increases endurance throughout your time at the gym. These often contain caffeine, so anyone with sensitivity should take a delicate approach when using this supplement. While there are regulatory entities in this industry, many products are not subjected to their oversight. The FDA does not control pre- workout supplements, so users should be aware of potentially dangerous side effects, such as vomiting, jitters, cramps, headaches, and tingling extremities.


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