BFA Nomination Booklet 2020

Knowledgeable / Responsive / Proud Sara Senter, Wildcat Shop

I work with a program that presents some challenges to standard textbook adoption practices. Since the beginning of this program, Sara has been an outstanding ally in ensuring our students have access to the textbooks they need. Sara always prioritizes service to students. She sees her job as connecting students to resources rather than "selling" books. Sara shares ideas, thinks of new ways to do things, innovates processes, and focuses on solving problems. Her commitment is to student learning, ultimately, in alignment with CWU's mission. I can think of numerous occasions when my lack of action or misunderstanding of a process caused issues for our students. Sara fixes the issue quickly, compassionate- ly, and proposed long - term solutions as well. She takes accountability when appro- priate, shares credit easily, and never focuses on blame. I've come to adore working with Sara; she is a terrific representative of the Wildcat Way and CWU's mission. Working in the high - paced, demanding area of textbooks is no picnic. Sara's commitment, and that of the entire textbooks team, is exemplary.


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